Wiz-War Tutorial


To start this tutorial off I want to make it well known that this tutorial is a basic walk-through of the game’s mechanics. There are minor details I will skip to keep the tutorial short. The purpose of this overview is to give a better understanding of the game’s mechanics to anyone who has never played it and wants to learn more. I do highly recommend the game for those who want to play a quick short session with friends to pass the time laughing at the absurdity of the game’s spells.

Now that the foreword is out of the way, it is time to start teaching you the basics. Wiz War is a battle between four wizards, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. Each wizard is essentially the same, and has access to the same spells which I will explain more in-depth later. The goal of each wizard is to get 2 points. These points can be gained by either bringing two treasures back to his or her starting location, killing two wizards or a mix between the two. The map itself is made of four boards that are randomly placed, so each game will be set up slightly different.


The board set-up

After the board is set up the spell deck is then made. The game supplies several different schools of magic. You have “White and Black Cantrip” which is just a standard selection of cards, the black cantrip is saved for optional rules while the white cantrip is always made into the deck. Then the players agree to three more schools of magic consisting of “Alchemy: The creation of items,” “Conjuring: Creation of inanimate objects,” “Elemental: Power of the four elements,” “Mentalism: Manipulation of the mind,” “Mutation: Transformation of the body,” and “Thamaturgy: The oldest school focused in energy.” These six schools of magic are all very varied from Alchemy giving the ability of wizards to create different gemstones to boost their stats to Mutation, which allows a wizard to transform.


From top to bottom(bottom left symbol of card): “White Cantrip,” “Conjuring,” “Elemental,” and “Mutation.”


From top to bottom(bottom left symbol of card): “Alchemy,” “Mentalism,” “Thaumaturgy,” and “Black Cantrip.”

With the deck made, each player is given their starting five cards and decides on who will be the first player. Once the first player is decided upon, the game begins. Each player’s turn consists of three phases, the “Time Passes” removing any expired spells, then “Move and Cast” the main actions of the wizard, and finally “Discard and Draw” Where the wizard receives new cards, ending their turn.

Before detailing each phase, it is important to understand the different types of magic cards. You have five card types, “Attack Spell,” “Counter Spell,” “Energy,” “Item,” and “Neutral Spell.” The Attack spell does exactly as it says it does which is attack other wizards or objects; the negative to this spell type is you can only cast one, once per turn. The counter spell is used to cancel the effects of other spells as well it is the only card type you can play on other player turns to cancel their cards. Energy is used for three reasons, to boost a spell’s strength, allow a temporary spell to last longer, and boost your movement. Items, which you can equip, and use for different reasons such as a sword to boost melee attack. Finally, neutral spells which do a multitude of things, a common spell type used by all wizards to affect their surroundings such as creating walls and traps.


From top to bottom(Left symbol of card): “Neutral Spell,” “Energy,” “Item,” “Attack Spell,” “Counter Spell,” and the final is a combination of two.

To add on to the different spell types you also have spells that last for a set number of time. You have an instant which vanishes after it is used. Temporary which lasts by default one turn but you can add energy to it when you play it to make it last longer. Then finally a permanent which lasts forever. Even though temporary and permanent spells are useful they have a negative effect of taking up space in your hand. Your hand has a max size of seven cards, but with each temporary and permanent you have to maintain those spells which takes up one space in your hand for each spell.


From top to bottom(bottom right symbol): “Permanent,” “Instant,” “Temporary.”

Returning to the three phases in a turn, the first and third is the easiest to understand. The time passes phase is where you remove a single energy from a temporary spell to show how much longer it will last. You also remove one stun marker placed on you by offensive spells/traps. With a stun marker removed for the rest of the turn you are forced to either move or attack but not both. As for the discard and draw phase this is where you can draw up to two cards without passing your max hand as well the player can discard any number of cards he would like to make room with his max hand of seven.

Now for the moving and casting phase. Wizards can move up to three spaces but can boost their movement with one energy card, allowing wizards to transverse the labyrinth quickly. During their movement, a wizard can stop at any time and cast spells as long as the spells are legal of course. Besides the spell types of cards there is another identifier for cards and that is “Target Range Icons.” These icons tell the player how to cast the card. There are four “Target Range Icons,” you have “Castor”, “Adjacent,” “Line of Sight (LOS),” and “anywhere symbol.” For caster the wizard targets himself, adjacent to nearby spaces, line of sight which draws a line from the wizard to his or her target, and finally the anywhere symbol that affects any space on the board. With this knowledge of range icons, a player casts his spell while moving to his final destination. Then ends his turn and the next player does his or her action. Until two points are achieved by a wizard.


From top to bottom(Top right symbol of card): “Castor,” “Adjacent,” “LOS”, “Anywhere.”

With these basics, you can better understand the game, I do highly suggest though if you wish to play the game or learn more about it to please follow the links below or search around for walkthroughs on the internet. I did skip many different small details in the game that can come up while playing, but I hope this basic overview has gotten you interested to look into the game and I do recommend the game highly for a great way to pass the time.




A few different example of cards.

For anyone who is interested in reading the full manual or seeing more information about Wiz War, the version I am using is the Fantasy Flight’s reprint.

The link to the game’s website: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite.asp?eidm=177

The link to the manual: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/wiz-war/WizWar_Rulebook%20v1-12%20low.pdf


A Session of Wiz-War


The walls seemed so close and claustrophobic; their smooth, dark surface surrounding her on almost every side. It disquieted her further when she glanced upwards and saw the walls meet the ceiling only a few feet above her head. The only comfort she had within this labyrinth that she was stuck in were the crisscrossing red vines which emitted a soft red glow. Her fingers trailed one vine close by, its crystals hot and rough to the touch a comfort to her in this cold, smooth, barren maze.


Her fingers brushed against a thicker, brighter crystal. Gripping it, she closed her eyes and slowly dragged the crystal out from within the vine. The magic fed out of her grip and into the crystal, its form growing with every moment. Opening her hand and allowing the crystal to fall to the ground, she opened her eyes and knelt; she spotted three small, red, creatures made out of the crystal. Their bodies were misshaped and contorted; they had spikes of crystal sticking out in all directions as they stood atop thick dagger-like legs.

“Spy on the other three,” she said quick and concise. Standing up she watched as the three creatures quickly ran off; the distant sounds of their clicking feet echoing through the silent labyrinth. Reaching her hand into her thick, blood red robes, she pulled out a vial filled with a clear liquid. Chugging the contents she could feel an energetic feeling shoot through her nerves. Taking a deep breath, she launched off at a sprint. Turning several corners, the same walls still surrounding her she made it to a portal.

The portal was set into the walls, purple rays of energy slowly spinning beneath its arch, “Should take me to yellow.” She thought to herself. Renewing her strong sprint, she rushed through the portal. Darkness took her for a fraction of a second before it was filled with the same scene except a subtle difference. The crystal vines lighting the labyrinth were now lit yellow.


She touched her fingers against one of the vines and could immediately sense her goal. The treasure she seeks to bring back to her foundation to win. Moving towards it, she felt visions fill her head. Her red crystal scouts had found their targets and were already filling her head with everything that was happening with her three opponents.

”Giddicus the Green already charging off in a rush. Buffed his speed like me, so he’s already in Baronok the Blue’s territory. Impressive that you would pick such a strategy, Giddicus.” The vision revealed Giddicus trying to use a spell to mimic a picklock to break through the door protecting one of Baronok’s treasures. Suddenly a shock of blue energy causes Giddicus to take a step back, rubbing his hands in pain. “It seems Giddicus forgot that Baronok is far too conservative to not protect his territory.” Huffing in frustration Giddicus begins to walk away, slowly beginning to transform into a werewolf. “Troublesome…going to change to a werewolf so you can move faster and steal other treasure to win…most likely mine.”


She could sense the treasure close by her thoughts turning to the vision of the master of this territory coming closer to her. “Yuvanna the Yellow, to think she decided to stay and defend her territory with a flame wall, a shame she protected the wrong side, forgetting about me.” She stopped before the large treasure chest surrounded by the yellow vines. Brushing off the vines, she pulled out a small bag from within her robes. Placing the opening of the bag onto the treasure its form began to suck into the small bag. Little by little, the large chest vanished into the bag until finally she closed it and placed the bag back into her robes. “A shame the Arcane Order doesn’t supply us with two bags so I could get this contest done faster and claim my victory.”

Standing up she began to move towards the purple portal to make it back to her territory. Her mind filled with a vision again. The scene was once more of Giddicus but now a werewolf facing off against Baronok. She could not hear the heated argument the two had but she couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of Baronok running up to Giddicus and punching his snout before rushing back behind his door. “It seems even the conservative can be confident, a shame he didn’t sacrifice himself to slow down Giddicus.” She turned another corner and before her stood the portal once more. A warning flashed through her mind of Yuvanna picking up one of her treasures. A heat of anger flashed through her, “I thought for sure Yuvanna would challenge me not run like a coward to my treasure!” Fire formed between her fingertips as she rushed through the portal.



The dark filled her vision and was gone in an instant to reveal the familiar red vines snaking along the wall. Rushing forward she turned and saw Yuvanna’s back.

Yuvanna stood up, her hand slipping a bag filled with a treasure chest into her robes. “Didn’t expect you to get here so fast, Reivunn the Red.” She casually brushed a strand of blond hair behind her ear, the hood of her cloak shifting back slightly which she quickly fixed. “So going to shoot that fireball yet?”

Reivunn growled in rage and grew the fire within her hand. Taking a step forward she launched the ball of flame with her fury towards Yuvanna. A flood of water spewed forth from her, which quickly filled the chamber.

Reivunn’s vision was filled with the water, she helplessly squirmed in its torrent, but she could not move, her body was stuck to the wall. Her lungs screamed for air and at the last moment, the water stopped. She fell to the ground with a thud, gasping for breath. Looking up she could see Yuvanna staggering to her feet.

“I really hate using that spell but I’d rather be wet, than on fire. Nothing personal Reivunn,” She said breathlessly. Leaning against a wall for support she began to cast a spell, “Well I’ll be going I have treasure to collect.”


Reivunn slowly pulled herself to her feet. She watched with seething hatred as Yuvanna vanished and in her place appeared a waterlogged and tired old Baronok. “Well…I suppose she could have swapped with that werewolf.” Grinning, Reivunn pulled out a small hammer from within her robes and began to feed magic into its forms. She watched and waited as Baronok slowly stood up onto his feet. Once standing she released her spell, the hammer growing dramatically in size and smashed onto baronok’s head. The blow released a powerful gust of wind drying baronok’s robes in an instant, his form slowly collapsing back onto the ground.

“A bit too easy Baronok,” She smirked and walked over to his dazed figure, the hammer dissipating into the air. Searching through his robes, she found the bag and to her luck, it was filled with a treasure from Giddicus’s territory. “Thank you Baronok, but I’ll be winning now,” she said turning away the bag held in her hand. Taking a couple of steps, she suddenly felt a heat grow on her back. In an instant, she was launched forward and landed onto the ground, her body in flames. Quickly she pulled the water dripping off the walls to her body and washed away the flames, but the searing pain stayed.

“I’ll be taking that bag, back!” Reivunn heard Baronok call out. Trying to get up, the searing pain still gripping her nerves she felt a slime of liquid cover over her. She closed her eyes in dread at the ooze suddenly covering her body, making it difficult to breathe once again. To her relief the thick of the slime left her a moment later. Looking up from the ground, she could see Baronok was now a giant slime monster, which was starting to evaporate into mist.


“Damn it Baronok! You will not be getting away so easily!” She cried out, as she pulled out a second hammer and stood up in rage, the searing pain of the burn arched through her nerves. The pain screaming in her brain, she clenched her teeth in fury, feeding the fury into the hammer. She outstretched her left hand and shot out a buff of blue mist, which caused Baronok to return to his slime body, his mist form having been dispelled. She could see the slime suddenly panicking, its slanted face showing a big frown. She could not help but smile with glee at the sight of the sad slime, the hammer growing to its greatest possible size. Screaming in fury, she brought the hammer down.

The slime exploded in all directions, the magic of the hammer following each piece of slime and disintegrating it. In a flash the hammer was gone leaving nothing but the burnt crisp remains of the slime covering the ground.

A sudden vision of alarm filled Reivunn’s mind once more. She could sense Giddicus in his wolf form rushing to the end, ready to achieve victory with a second treasure. Gripped with dread at the thought of losing Reivunn rushed towards the burnt remains of Baronok. She began to dig through the pile of scorched black ooze; to her relief she found the bag filled with Giddicus’s treasure. Quickly, grabbing it, she stood up and began to run with what strength she had left.


Turning several corners, she came into sight the portal to take her to victory. The red circular runes were on the ground and ceiling waiting to be activated with her return of two treasures. Stepping into the circle, she looked up to see the runes began to glow. “I won…I can’t believe it…I’m the Guildmaster of the Arcade Order now!” The distant screams of the other two wizards barely reached her ears as the red light of the runes filled her vision and whisked her away to another part of the great wizard tower.