Character Designs of Zak and Velvet!

Still hard at work editing! Things are coming along at a decent pace, albeit not as fast as I’d like. What is important is that the cover for book 2 has been finished! Though I can’t spoil what it looks like until the book is actually done! So to give a peak, here are the two characters that will be featured on the cover, Zak and Velvet!

lordsofthedice_zak_velvet_designI hope you all enjoy the picture, the full cover is even crazier (to give an idea…this picture is just a sketch that she made)! Until next time!

Ice Reaper Published!

It took awhile but I’ve finally published part one of my book to Amazon and Nook e-book stores just in time for Christmas! So, if you’ve been wondering where the next update to the blog was I can tell you that all of my effort went into putting the final touches into the book. I hope if you’ve enjoyed my stories here that you will help support me by getting the book and sharing it with friends and family! If you came here in search of more information about the Ice Reaper then go here. Additionally, check out the illustrator’s blog and be sure to follow/support her! – Orchid Hut

After enjoying those links I urge you to check out the archives page to see a couple of other short stories I’ve written based on board/card games I’ve played. I hope that everyone coming to this blog enjoy the book and also continue to enjoy the stories on this blog. Thank you everyone and enjoy your holidays!