Update News

Hello everyone! It has been awhile and I just wanted to give an update. I don’t have a ton to report. My current goal is at least one blog post before the end of this year.

Main reason I wanted to post is to emphasize checking out my other website, Card Forge Games. Currently I am posting the entirety of my first book for free. Additionally I have already posted a couple of chapters from the second and third book with plans to post more.

If you enjoy my writing then definitely check out that website, it is where I keep all my original works for anyone to enjoy! Thank you!


Still Moving Along!

Hello! So still editing, and things are still going at a decent speed for the book. I don’t really have much else to show or say, as well its not done! I suppose if it is interesting to anyone, I can say that the first book was 40K words, and this book two will end up with close to 55K. I went a bit crazy with a couple of chapters, but I think in the end for those who have read or will read the first book, will greatly appreciate the extended length of the second! Until the next update, see ya everyone!

Character Designs of Zak and Velvet!

Still hard at work editing! Things are coming along at a decent pace, albeit not as fast as I’d like. What is important is that the cover for book 2 has been finished! Though I can’t spoil what it looks like until the book is actually done! So to give a peak, here are the two characters that will be featured on the cover, Zak and Velvet!

lordsofthedice_zak_velvet_designI hope you all enjoy the picture, the full cover is even crazier (to give an idea…this picture is just a sketch that she made)! Until next time!