Update News

Hello everyone! It has been awhile and I just wanted to give an update. I don’t have a ton to report. My current goal is at least one blog post before the end of this year.

Main reason I wanted to post is to emphasize checking out my other website, Card Forge Games. Currently I am posting the entirety of my first book for free. Additionally I have already posted a couple of chapters from the second and third book with plans to post more.

If you enjoy my writing then definitely check out that website, it is where I keep all my original works for anyone to enjoy! Thank you!


Card Forge Games

Haven’t made the official announcement here but I did add a link on the side if anyone has noticed it. I started a second website called Card Forge Games which is a place where all of my original works will be published the main focus being my work on an original board game currently nicknamed ‘Parasite’.

With this new project I’m afraid to say there will be less updates here, however you can still expect me to come out with a short story occasionally based on games. I will still be publishing original stories over at Card Forge Games, this includes the continuation of Jax Denek’s story, and any other works I create alongside my novel that is coming closer to the end.

I encourage you all to go check out the website, thank you!

Card Forge Games

Cat Collector!

As promised an update! Except slightly different, its the secret project me and my friend have been working on! Cat Collector!!! An exciting short card game for 3-6 players, where you try to collect cute pictures of cats faster then your friends!

Kickstarter: Cat Collector

Also on more good news, chapter 3 is just being edited a bit more, definitely will see that Thursday!