Skirmish Between Gideon and Nissa


Here is another update! Been wanting to buy this game for quite awhile having grown up with Heroscape. It might be called Magic the Gathering, but this is basically Heroscape 2.0 and it is fantastic! Due to my heroscape collection being stored away and inaccessible for now, I could only use what came in the box to face off against my friend. Nonetheless I had a ton of fun playing it and making this story and hope to do more with the rest of the collection.

Besides that enjoy the story, links to more info on this game is down below, and look forward to another post next week!

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The plains stretched far and wide, nearly flat with wind sweeping across carrying whispers of a great civilization that had covered the land. The ruins that broke the wind was the only visible feature of this once great city, housing bones and artifacts left long ago any valuables since taken. Even with its emptiness, the promise of other riches still drew interest from outsiders, the river that ran through the land carried minerals and resources valuable for a whole assortment of reasons.

He marched along with his two fellow companions, both were rhox just like he was, massive and powerful humanoids with large horns. He served his people through many battles knowing that through his power he could make things right and make those he serve proud. His hide was armored and thick able to take on many projectiles and shake them off. The shield in his right hand the perfect tool to protect him from any dangers that could proof fatal. Best of all was the massive hammer wielded in his left hand, empowered by his strong muscles he could swing it and break any bone against its blunt force.

They had been traveling for a couple of days now, reports of another planeswalker in the area had caused alarm and now marching through the sand, he looked at his leader, Gideon Jura looking out in the distance seeking his opponent who challenged for the riches at the bottom of the river.

“There, in the distance!” One of the hookmasters yelled standing on top a small incline of rocks. A kor, one of the human nomadic tribes that lived within this region, their keen eyes able to see far. He looked out unable to see what the kor could, but as time went by his dull eyes saw the massive forest elementals marching along, the group of elves behind the protection of living roots.

“Hold the high ground! If they want this land they will come to us and we will give them their challenge!” Gideon roared.

He shook with excitement, his heart racing, the blood flowing hot at the thrill of battle through his pulsing muscles. He banged his hammer against his shield his two companions joining in. A roar escaped him, a cacophony of battle cries, rhox and human in tune with one another ready for battle. He watched the elementals begin their charge, the elves close behind releasing a quick volley of arrows. With a raised shield the arrows fell harmlessly, banging his shield again he watched with anticipation at the onslaught of battle.

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The elementals descended upon them, their blows hitting against shield and smashing against the rocks protecting the hookmasters. Releasing another volley the elves followed behind their arrows with smooth elvish blades drawn.

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Moving forward he swung his hammer together with one of his companions. The hammer hit against the elvish blade completely shattering it while the other hammer struck against the elf clipping his side and sending him back several feet stunned. The nearby elf quickly released three arrows. With a quick raise of a shield two were blocked while the third hit against his shoulder, his thick skin stopping the arrow short. Whipping out the arrow he began to approach the two elves but stopped short at the sight of the elemental baring down on his fellow rhox to the left.

Moving to help his companion he felt rage flow through him at the fight suddenly stopping, the elemental quickly shrinking away in the opposite direction. A roar left him joined by his two companions at the frustration of the retreating elemental, their hammers ready to crush it.

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The shout of battle behind drew his attention, turning he watched Gideon swing around at the sudden appearance of the three elementals. They all struck at Gideon their attacks hitting his shield and missing knocking up loose sand. Through the drifting sand he saw Gideon strike down one of elementals with a single strike, its form falling back with a shuttering shake.

A leaf arrow imbued with magic went flying by barely missing Gideon which in turn brought a roaring command from his lips. The hookmasters suddenly free of the elementals surrounding them turned their hooks upon the nearby elven archer and the planeswalker herself- Nissa Revane, one strong enough to rival Gideon’s might.

Focused on the release of her leaf arrow she was struck by the hooks, their blades clipping through her skin but she merely shook them off releasing another arrow before retreating out of reach of the hookmasters.

With swift movement the hookmasters swung their blades around ending the life of the elven archer who tried to retreat with his leader.

Everything happened so swiftly his fist tightening around his hammer at the sight of the dead elf, knowing this small skirmish would soon finish with victory to Gideon.

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A sudden order roared across the battlefield. Looking back once more he saw Gideon strike down another tree, the order ringing loud and clear at what must be done. Banging his hammer against his shield he rallied his two companions into a thunderous charge straight for the retreating Nissa. An arrow pierced his back striking a deep wound but it didn’t stop his assault. The three of them bared down on Nissa trapping her from working her way back around to her remaining elves.

With swift blows the elf was barely able to dodge. Shields appeared around the rhox

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empowered by Gideon the flow of magic fueled their strikes and the floating shields protected them against any returning attacks from Nissa.

Even with such swift action it was not long before the remaining elven archers came to the aid of their leader, arrows firing but missing at the sudden appearance of blinding golden light around the rhox.

In that moment of blindness Nissa was weak, he brought his hammer around, striking her down with a thunderous crack.

The elves quickly dragged their wounded leader away before more damage could be done to her body, the remaining elemental appeared and sacrificed itself to slow the rhox, their hammers tearing its limbs apart.

With victory the legend of Gideon Jura continues.

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Detailed info on the game –

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Fantastic Fan base on Heroscape – Heroscapers

Hope you enjoyed, story was much shorter then the last post but then the game was very quick and sweet, lots of action and rolling of dice. One component of the game that was not shown through the pictures were spells, I sort of explained them however majority of spells were countered or not used in this particular fight. A previous game had a lot more happening with spells. One example of a spell in the story was the leaf arrow an enchantment that strengthens Nissa’s attack or the golden light at the end which made the Rhox’s attacks stronger.

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