Tour through the Labyrinth

With this story I really wanted to include every single turn of an Onirim game with its newest edition. I did play with all 7 expansions which add a lot more length to the game compared to the original and more ways to lose (of course). Due to having so many turns it does skim over details and keeps a desired fast pace. I’ll see about a different game or maybe focusing on a select few action packed turns of Onirim for the future. Otherwise enjoy reading it and let me know any opinions!

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (1)“The new Onirim edition with extra expansions and extra pain!”

A harsh yellow light glowed at the top of the room, the crystal emitting the light cracked letting out sparkles of dust, weakening its glow evermore. What little light there was revealed a crooked tight room. Walls jutting out at odd angles making it seem as if the room was being crushed by an invisible hand outside like a crumbled piece of paper.

Sitting on the floor with eyes studying furiously across pages and hands moving page after page was a man who realized his predicament of being trapped with only one course of escape. He did not understand how he got here but knew the book that had been laid before him what seemed like ages ago would hold the answers to his escape. The absurdity of this ‘Oniverse’ and its many doors that had to be open caused him to shake in fear at failure, but he knew no action would still lead to his death.

Are you ready?” The book in his hands gave off a gentle orange glow in the growing darkness.

He nodded slowly still unsure if the book was the one talking or his imagination. Real or not though this place he was in definitely felt real, a nightmare that he was trapped in. With another sickening thought of what will come with failure he knew he had to act or face the consequences.

Good, close the book and re-open it, I will create the portal.”

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (4)“The starting Deck”

Right…” His voice seemed so distant and trembled with anticipation, his hands clasping the corners of the book and closed it gently, examining the front cover of the book. Its orange clasp locked the book from undeserving eyes and its orange spine protected it. The cover and back of the book was a dull gray, void of any color. From any passing eye the book would appear boring but within the pages of “The Book of Steps Lost And Found” was the voice… the ‘guide’ to help interpret the images within.

Relax, you wont be able to turn a page with all that shaking.”

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (2).JPG“The starting hand with the first required door on the top left. The dark premonitions at the top and the four nets to get lost dreams on the right”

Oh…I… alright,” he responded with a deep breath before sealing the clasp. Placing his hand on the cover he closed his eyes and focused on the image of a plain wooden door, the escape he wanted to reach. After a moment he could feel warmth under his hand, opening his eyes he could see the orange clasp shining dimly. Unlatching the clasp, he took the corner of the book and opened it revealing its first page. On the pages before him was a swirl of browns, blues, reds, and green colors swirling around. Concentrating his focus, the colors began to spread out creating 5 cards on the right page, two blue cards one with a shape of a key in it and a sun on the other. The other three cards were brown, two with a sun in the center and a third with a moon. The top right of the page shined a blue door, the first destination they had to reach, next to it a tiny dim jewel. On the left page a swirl of colors continued to move ready to feed into the right page to form new cards.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (6)“My starting hand up close”

It is wise to always stay aware of whats ahead so you can react to it before it strikes,” the book said aloud with its stern voice, the orange clasp’s glow brightening in tune to its words.

Nodding his head in understanding the man reached forward with his right hand he grasped the blue key and pulled it out of the page, its form shimmering brightly before his eyes before disintegrating into a smokey blue cloud, blurring his vision. In the smog he could see five cards, concentrating on them he imagined the green sun gone, he then rearranged the other four in his mind on what he wanted first – the red key, green door, red moon, and a dismal looking card featuring a ‘dead end’ in a maze. Looking back down he could see the colors on the left page starting to sink into the right pages deeper down, the four cards already there melted down to the next page. Grasping the corner of the next page he let it fall onto the left side melting into the swirling colors. What now lay before him was the still remaining four cards the blue sun, two brown suns and a brown moon, but now there was a fifth card a red key just like he saw within the smoke. In the top right the jewel shined slightly brighter as it became fueled by used cards.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (3)“The dark premonitions up close with the three spells to the right”

I believe it is time to enter the labyrinth now that we can see part of it, don’t you agree Dreamwalker?” The book inquired, his voice holding a sense of excitement at what was to come.

Should I place the blue sun?” Inquired the walker.

No, we have a finished pattern with the three brown cards, it’d be wise to begin unlocking the brown door, we can use the second spell to change the required first door.”

Right,” Grabbing the brown sun from the pages he tossed it out before him, a portal opening up in the floor. “Okay let’s do this then, I hope you are right, guide.” Closing the book with his left hand he got up and dropped into the portal.

Falling to his knees in the new room, he slowly stood up to come into view of a massive library expanding before him and behind. The long corridor of two towering bookshelves to either side filled to the brim with an assortment of various sized books.

Start walking Dreamwalker, now that we’ve entered the labyrinth it is wise to never stop for very long, unless we wish to allow the shadowy nightmares catch us,” the book spoke with a hiss of warning, its glow dimming slightly at the notion of the nightmares.

Nodding his head in agreement the walker began walking, his hand still holding the book, his eyes traveled up the towering heights of the bookcases. He paused briefly at the sight of books high above flying off of shelves to flap like birds with their covers. No sound besides the movement of pages sounded from the mobile books high above. Shaking his head he kept moving remembering much earlier the guide telling him all about the absurdities he may see in the labyrinth.

Opening the book in his hands he was greeted by the four cards left having already sunk to the next page. Turning the page he let it go to sink into the swirl of colors once more. Just as he remembered in the dream, the green door filtered to the top with the other four cards. The picture of the door on the green card quickly lifted off of the pages and landed back in the swirl of colors unable to stay still without the right card to keep it down. With the door gone a red moon rose up to take its place among the other four cards and then the swirl of colors quickly moved as if randomizing itself further.

The path has been changed now, what comes next we can’t know, but with a brown moon in our possession there is no reason to not place it, it is the safest bet.” The book said reassuringly.

Hopefully nothing bad,” The walker replied, placing his hand on the brown moon laying on the right page he released it into the air which caused the bookcase to his right to suddenly shift. Stopping in his tracks he watched in awe as the book case opened up to reveal an intersecting hallway extending beyond surrounded by books as well.

It draws us closer to the door hidden within this library, let us keep moving.”

Moving down the hall the walker continued to marvel in the flapping books, several coming close out of curiosity before swiftly moving away from his reach. The peace of the room suddenly grew loud as a plain wall suddenly slid itself from the ceiling smashing into the ground before the walker. He jumped in surprised at its sudden appearance and quickly looked down at the book in his hands to realize with frustration at the fifth card on the page to be a dead end.

How bothersome, I fear a nightmare is drawing closer or our luck is just poor, let us use the red key in our possession.”

Taking the red key from the book he released it, its red smoke filling the air to give him a vision just like before. He quickly rearranged cards, pushing the brown moon away he put the blue sun first with the green moon next and green sun after, finally a green key last. The left cover of the book released color into the next few pages, as the top page was turned revealing the current five cards, two blue suns, a brown sun, a red moon, and a dead end.

We must fuel the jewel now and cast the spell to force the brown door forward and unlock it,” the guide said with confidence, its glow shining brightly.

Seems dangerous to rid of cards but if you think it is the only way,” the walker replied, staring down at the five cards before him with pondering eyes.

It isn’t always wise to keep everything, through powering the jewel we will get further.”

I guess you are right, I just fear later, but I don’t see any other way to progress right now,” replied the walker, taking the blue sun and releasing it into the air, its form dissipating into dust and its spirit fluttering into the jewel within the pages causing it to grow brighter. The next card that came up was a green moon and he took the red moon from the page discarding it, its form replaced by a green sun. Next he removed the blue sun to reveal a green key.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (9).JPG

The jewel is strong enough place your hand over it and close your eyes and imagine the brown door.”

Following the instructions the walker could feel the pulse of the jewel, waiting for another moment he removed his hands and

opened his eyes to see the jewel dimmed but next to it now glowed a brown door instead of the blue. Smiling he took the brown sun and released it into the air. All around him the book cases shifted, and a moment later he found himself in a small space with a large brown door set before him. It appeared dull and plain just a simple door, even lacking grandiose its promise of what lay beyond made it exciting nonetheless to the walker.

Stepping forward he took the handle and turned it opening the door and stepped into a new hall of bookcases. He found himself in a deeper part of the massive library, the bookcases continued to tower high, but the shadows seemed to stretch farther here and the books didn’t flap as rapidly and excitedly. A certain tense feeling gripped this part of the library as the walker began to move inside.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (8).JPG“The first brown door open.”

Good work, but there is plenty of work to do still, let us use the next key and figure out whats to come.”

Looking back down at the book he could see the five cards, a dead end, green key, moon, sun, and a new card a brown sun. In the top right the next door now lit the blue door. Taking the green key he released it into the air and came into view of the future cards, removing the red moon then placing them in order of a mirror, a colorful sun, a brown glyph, and a brown tower. Once out of the vision the mirror quickly came onto the page, its form trying to escape the pages. It was an odd creature that seemed desperate to leave the page, its reflective surface had the features of two tiny black pupils and small hands and feet.

If you wish to have it stay and help us we must feed it another card,” the guide quickly spoke.

Understanding what needed to be done the walker took the brown sun and removed it from the pages, its spirit feeding the mirror. In the brown sun’s place came a new card a sun which depicted the four colors on its surface swirling in tandem. “I think we should go with green next,” he said taking the green moon and releasing it.

“Agreed,” the book replied, its glow brightening as its magic opened a portal within the ground, “when we come back to brown we will be in this same area, we must be ready for the shadows to strike.”

Closing the book the walker came to the portal and stepped into it, falling through to land safely in a strange exotic forest with various plants all around, some with towering trunks going high into the sky, the ceiling of leaves blocking the sky. In the darkness yellowy orbs of light floated close to the thickest of trunks, the bark seeming to attract the lights and repel them at a small distance. Small little orange creatures skittered on the ground to hide in bushes, and others flapped above watching from the safety of branches at the visitor.

“Strange forest…” He said slowly walking forward, his eyes looking all around before returning to the book, opening it to see the same four cards now accompanied by a fifth, a brown glyph which depicted a brown swirl of promises. Taking the green sun he released it, a new card taking its place a brown tower with books surrounding it. All around him the forest rattled as a bunch of leaves fluttered down at the disturbance. A moment later a set of stairs began to grow outward from between two trees to end up before him. Stepping carefully on the steps he began his ascent, moss and vines lining his path. Before long he came out into a new clearing, many of the same creatures continuing to watch him as he stared out at the exotic fauna.

“It is tough to say what you should place next, but if we are to secure each area, we must raise the towers, I suggest we begin with the brown one, when we reach its area we will have it to help guide us.”

taking the brown tower he released it, its form dissipating into the area with no affect except a slight tremble in the ground of a distant disturbance. In the cards place came forth a green glyph. “A third card in the pattern now all we have to do is use the jewel to rearrange the order!” He exclaimed.

“No, we should use the power of the glyph differently, I suggest we remove the brown one and it will give us a chance to unlock the blue door that is set before us then we can finish the current green path later.”

Pondering for the moment, the walker finally nodded in agreement and released the brown glyph, his vision blurred just like the key except this time besides the various shapes came the appearance of a nightmare, its horrid shape shocking him before it was ripped out of view, the colors all swirling back into the depths of the book. He shook his head, his heart racing as a bead of sweat ran down his cheek. “That was a nightmare?” He asked with a tremble in his voice.

“Yes, the glyph didn’t find a blue door, but luckily it sent one of those creatures to the furthest reaches of the labyrinth, it’ll take some time before it can reach us once more.”

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, the walker relaxed his shoulders and looked down at the book to see the new fifth card was a multicolored moon.

“Use the second glyph, if we are lucky there will be a door, if not then we can empower the jewel and finish the green door.”

“Seems risky, but I’ll be happy if we don’t encounter one of those things,” he replied taking the green glyph and releasing it, Shapes filled his vision but among the shapes was a cloud of pure happiness that flew by his view before vanishing with everything else leaving only a blue door that opened before his eyes.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (11).JPG

“How perfect, a blue door has opened, which means when we enter the ocean we will be already deeper in its realm and add to that a happy dream! Let us use the first spell of the jewel and pull it back before it is lost once more in the labyrinth!” The guide exclaimed its glow brightening and staying bright for longer then usual.

Smiling at the success of the risk, the walker looked back down at the book, “well first things first, the new card within the book,” the walker said. Staring down at a strange picture of a seal dog with a harpoon gun.

“We have the mirror and a dead end, we can’t afford ridding any other cards to keep the power of the harpoon hunter, we must let him leave the book and return to his home.”

Sighing with frustration at losing a powerful ally, the walker released the hunter and in its place appeared a red sun. “So then, the first spell, I assume I place my hand over the jewel and imagine the happy dream returning to us?”

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (10).JPG“Blue door open, eleven more doors to go”

“Yes, pull the happy dream back and we can then use its power, afterward we shall continue along the path the book determines which happens to be the green door and finish the pattern.”

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (12).JPG

Focusing on the spell, the walker opened his eyes to see a white cloud floating before him, its tiny blue pupils staring at him, all around dozens of the orange creatures came out of hiding to stare at the cloud in awe and wonder.

“Release it into the wild, the dream will hunt down the most dangerous and closes nightmare trap so that we can continue to move forward in safety.”

Gently touching the cloud, the walker’s thoughts told the cloud everything it needed to know before it shot away. Next, the walker released the multicolored moon from the book which caused brush and trees to move to the side to reveal a statue of a marble moon that seemed to float magically in the air, reflections of different colored moons dancing off its surface. Walking around it in awe he came out on the other side to see a green door waiting to be opened. Taking its handle he turn it and came out to a new part of the forest, all around him in this new clearing was a littering of dark matter coating the floor. “What happened here?”

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (14).JPG

“It seems upon opening a third door we would be ambushed by a nightmare, the happy dream killed it. Very fortunate luck for us it seems to have crossed paths with that dream when we did.”

“No kidding,” The walker replied, walking nervously through the remains of the black globs. Re-opening the book he could see the mirror, dead end, multicolored sun, a red sun and now a red key still laying within the book, the jewel dimly glowed and to the right of multiple colors swirled in a tight circle, “a multicolored door?” Inquired the Dreamwalker.

“Yes, it is the Oniverse door that we seek, it embodies all of the colors a powerful door to magics beyond. Luckily it accepts any color, it is just a matter of finding the door.”

Taking the multicolored sun he released it and in its place came a blue moon. Before him the ground shifted to reveal a large ravine set before him. Moving down a walkway it steadily followed the ravine to open up to a small valley with a large black stone structure with a white center in the shape of a sun. Rays of brown, blue, red, and greens glistened from the sun’s surface lighting the surrounding trees and rocks alternating their colors.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (13).JPG“Without the Happy Dreams definitely would have suffered the dark premonition, losing my hand and revealing another dark premonition”

Steadily walking down the pathway towards the sun the walker removed the red key. His vision blurred, a nightmare filled his view and he quickly destroyed it with the power of the key. Shaking his head at the quick brutality of the situation he resumed his concentration keeping the order with a brown key, two green suns, and another brown key. The first brown key took the place of the missing red key.

Releasing the blue moon next the walker entered the portal coming into a room that was made of glass. It hung suspension-less, moving with the current of the ocean all around. Within the room were dozens of small bowls hanging and sitting upon different shelves. Multitudes of various fish and coral collected by the inhabitant who once sat in this floating glass tank. He watched in awe at a group of orange fish jumping between some of the bowls, making it seem so natural.

Shaking his head to focus once more he looked at the book to see a green sun now sitting among the five cards. He remove the green sun and raked his hair in frustration at the appearance of a second green sun. Biting his tongue he removed the red sun and came into possession of a red key.

“Good, let us use the key to see what comes next, it’d be unfortunate to get attacked by a nightmare now.”

“Agreed,” he said removing the key and quickly spotted the nightmare within the vision, eliminating it.

“A second nightmare within the vision, we should push it back and use our second key to eliminate it.”

Nodding he created the order with the green sun first then the nightmare, next the red sun and moon. Afterward the green sun came into view within the page and he removed the brown key. He re-entered the vision remove the second nightmare and created a new order with the red sun, moon, green sun, and a brown key.

“We still need a blue sun, maybe we can cast the first spell of the book and pull it from the deepest reaches of the swirl of color?”

“Maybe, I hope…” placing his hand over the jewel he released some magic and his vision blurred to reveal a nightmare, three red suns, and a brown door. In frustration he took a red sun, unsure what else he could do. The fifth empty space on the page became replaced with the red sun.

“I hate suggesting it, but we should leave the blue oceans for now, we aren’t making progress otherwise.”

“As long as we don’t regret it later,” the walker replied, placing the red sun and created a portal. Entering it he came into a new room that had an assortment of lit spheres floating from the ceiling, a telescope sat in the room looking out a large window of distant stars and giant planets that seemed close enough to touch. Within the pages appeared another red sun. Removing the green sun he watched a red moon appear within the pages. With a smile he placed the red moon and began walking forward. The walls shifted before him, many of the spheres mimicking distant stars and planets floated around him to give him a clear lit path. He came into a room with a staircase that spiraled around a hanging sculpture of a solar system. A massive sun floated in the center with planets orbiting all around. Tiny asteroids and gases seemed to snake there way all around the miniature solar system. Reaching the top of the stairs he came out onto a balcony looking out at stars high above in the night sky. Placing the red sun a door appeared before him, the Oniverse door which was illuminated by the four colors.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (15).JPG“four doors down still a good amount of work to be done”

Turning the door’s handle he came out into the dimly lit room from the beginning. The once crooked walls appeared more straight, the shadows not creating as sharp of a contrast to the single light in the room. The lights once sickly yellow glow had more of a pure white to its tone. Even with the changes to the room it still held shadows hiding in corners ready to plunge the room back to its dismal state.

“When we open the rest of the doors we will return here, and it is here that the Oniverse door will open once more to take you back home, for now though let us not dawdle here and resume our work.”

Looking at the book once more he could see the five cards, the dead end and mirror still sitting there, besides them two green suns and one blue sun. Removing the blue sun, a red sun took its place. Throwing the red sun to the side a brown moon appeared next. Placing the brown moon he walked through the portal to come into the similar library, its bookcases high and the first brown door he opened still sitting behind him further in the distance a tower rose high above the bookcases. Back down in the book a new card appeared a blue sun. Discarding a green sun he watched a blue sun appear, afterward he discarded the second green sun and in its place came a red door which vanished into the air to mix the swirl of colors further and a blue key came out to fill the empty spot.

Releasing the blue key the walker came into view of a green tower, two red suns, a dead end, and a brown tower. Removing one of the red suns, he rearranged the order with the dead end first then the red sun, green tower, and the brown tower.

“A good move, upon drawing the dead end, before it affects us I will cast the spell and rid of us both dead ends.”

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (17).JPG“My current hand and location up close”

“Yes, do it.” The walker replied, he felt the ground shake beneath him, a distant part of the labyrinth becoming affected by the removal of dead ends. Looking back down at the book he could see the five cards he had vanish and in their place appeared a red sun, green tower, two brown towers, and a red tower.

“Our luck is fortunate, we can create many more towers and use their strengths.”

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (18).JPG“My hand after the escape”

Removing the weaker of the two brown towers, “yes though let me first make sure our path is safe.” His vision blurred just like using keys and he could see three cards ahead, he created a new order with a multicolored sun first then a blue sun and finally a red tower. After that he placed the multicolored sun and the blue sun appeared within the book. Bookcases moved before him as he began walking, entering a large circular room with rows of tables made for reading, up on the ceiling engraved into the wood itself was a large silvery sun shining the four colors.

Pausing by a table to sit on it to rest, he sighed and looked down at the guide book, removing the red sun the red tower took its place. Next he used one of the red towers, a tremble shaking the room all around him briefly.

“Look in the book a multicolored key, a truly rare artifact, it works like any other key but has the option to open any door.”

“Its definitely useful,” the walker agreed while grabbing the green tower and releasing it, another tremble shaking the room. The next card to appear was a multicolored sun. Standing up straight the Dreamwalker resumed moving down the hall of bookcases. “Though I think it’d be perfect for opening the brown door.”

“Perfect, open it.”

Releasing the multicolored key, it whisked away into dust. A wall suddenly appeared before the walker with a large key embedded in its surface emitting the four colors through the stone. Touching his hand against it, a brown door appeared which was quickly sucked up by an ancient dark gray beast that seemed to swallow the door. Suddenly lifted off the ground the walker tried to flap his hands to get closer to the nightmare and the door but instead he was pushed away back towards the first brown door. His feet setting on the ground, he grit his teeth in frustration at the column of books laid out before him, the tower even further away.

“A dark premonition, it was hiding, ready to steal the door away. Luckily such traps are only born through ancient nightmares, its power used it will be harmless when we open that door again.”

“We were doing so good too…” he said, rubbing his tired eyes.

“Do not fret over it, we must keep moving, on to the next card.”

“Right,” he replied, raking his hand through his hair and opened the book once more to see a blue tower in place of where the key once was.

“See, we still luck out in the end, finishing the four towers will seal them and protect against any nightmares,” the guide said with a gentle glow.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (19).JPG

Releasing the blue tower, the walker smiled at the tremble that shook the library and watched a new card reveal itself another green tower, its power now perfect for helping reveal steps ahead. Discarding the tower in hand he arranged the next few steps with a red glyph at the top then a strange architect creature, a green glyph and finally a red door.

Casting a spell from the jewel the color of the next door changed to red and then taking the newly acquired glyph in hand he pulled out the next five cards unlocking the red door and sending the other four deep into the swirl. A clicking sound of a distant door opening echoed all around.

The guide bristled with its orange glow, “good work, another door for us.”

He took the brown tower and released, his vision filling with wild running orange squirrels wearing makeshift glasses which he brought up to the front of the order with a blue key, brown key, and a lost dream being next. The squirrels came into view of the page trying to escape from it. Removing the red moon its energy fed into the book to keep the squirrels in their place. The blue key then revealed itself on the page waiting to be used.

Relaxing his shoulders he resumed his movement forward, heading towards the brown tower far beyond. Releasing the multicolored sun from the book it altering his path. To his right he could see books precariously stacked between shelves of different colors all arranged together to create a giant sun. Staring in awe for the moment he finally gathered his wits and kept walking, the brown key now revealing itself on the page.

Releasing the squirrels the furry animals ran off in all directions, his vision blurred to be replaced by what they saw briefly allowing him to instruct them to rearrange the path. Two lost dreams, A multicolored moon, a green tower, and a dead end laid before him now.

Humming with a gentle glow of approval, “you found two lost dreams, perfect it is wise to save them.”

Two little creatures came floating all around the Dreamwalker, large triangle ears turning at any sound sat atop their furry little bodies. Few other features distinguished them besides the small black pupils.

“We must save anymore that show up along our path, though be careful to not take on to many, it may attract other creatures that will try to hurt us.”

“Understood,” The walker replied, releasing the blue key to create a portal. Entering the portal he came into the similar glass room, its tubes still snaking around with dozens of bowls sitting on shelves, fish swimming to and fro, the ever expansive ocean all around.

He stood there in the calm soothing room and studied the right page, the five cards waiting to be used, two green towers, a multicolored moon, a brown key, and a blue sun. Smiling he took the blue sun and released it. A new walkway began to form through the ocean before it was cut off abruptly by a dark premonition hiding in wait. Its form crushed the walkway and quickly snaked away with the door that had been waiting to be opened, “so close!” He cried in frustration.

“Close or not, another trap has been used, we must press on.”

“Agreed,” the walker nodded and watched a brown glyph reveal itself within the page, his mind pondering on the next move. Finally he removed one of the green towers to see the architect, and two doors.

“Not good Dreamwalker, we have no way to unlock either door, and not enough magic to hold them for later, we have to overload and release them back to the swirl.”

“We have no choice then!” He snapped back as he watched the cards reveal themselves and snake back into the swirl, disrupting the flow briefly before returning to normal, he could feel his own body weaken at the shock of flowing magic. After several minutes of light headiness he finally gained back his strength and could see a new card, a red sun.

Removing the second green tower in hopes of better luck the walker reordered the path with a green glyph first and three doors afterward.

Casting a spell the light of the next door changed to red and he removed the green glyph to unlock the red door, its click sounding distant in the glass chamber beneath the sea. The partially created path that he still could set out suddenly gained a dead end of pure thick ice.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (21).JPG“Two red doors! In the bottom right you can see one of the nets overloaded, get to much limbo and you can lose!”

The book vibrated a gentle heat, “it seems like our luck for dead ends has been very unfortunate.”

Grabbing the brown key he released it to see a sickly nightmare which was quickly killed leaving only one left in the vision. Reordering the steps he had a blue tower first then a green moon, a green door and the second nightmare. “We have to work with what we got, another path we will create,” the Dreamwalker replied matter-factually while releasing the multicolored moon. A different path created itself, a thin hallway that widened then became skinny once more, its glow emitting along the floor revealing its shape to be a giant moon leading to another part of the ocean deep maze.

Knowing the green door was coming, the Dreamwalker cast the spell to change the color of the next door to green and then released the brown glyph unlocking a distant green door with a click and sending the waiting nightmare along with a few other cards to the back of the swirl. Taking the blue tower he came into view of a brown moon and sun then a red sun and a green moon next.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (23)“more then half way now!”

Releasing the brown sun, it opened another portal back to the library. Once there he was greeted with familiar sights and began walking. Coming near the end of the path, the Walker nervously released the brown moon, waiting for the horrifying dark premonition to show itself in its quick brutality. Instead the path opened up to a large area full of tables and chairs with a door at the center. Opening it he walked through to come out at the top of the massive brown tower. Looking out in awe he could see the maze-like library stretching in every direction. Further beyond in three directions he spotted the blue, red, and green towers poking high into the sky the only thing making them visible was the light that illuminated from their tops. Looking up he saw the brown tower’s own light reaching high into the sky vanishing within clouds that were not visible before in the sky.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (25).JPG

Leaning back against the wall, the Walker took a few gasping breaths at the change of scenery before looking back at the book to see the five cards, a red glyph, red sun, two green moons, and a dead end.

“Let us work on a red door next, not much longer until the end, we must hurry now!”

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (26)

Quickly nodding he released the red sun and entered the portal to come out in a room near the bottom of the red tower, telescopes sitting around him as if discarded in favor of the massive telescope sticking out of the tower. Gulping nervously at the tower’s height he began walking, his hand moving to familiar motions as he removed one of the two green moons, its magic fueling the jewel.

A tower revealed itself on the page and was quickly removed to be used by the walker, his vision filling and reordering the steps, a red sun, red key, happy dreams, a nightmare, and a dead end.

Removing the newly revealed red sun he came into possession of the red key. Removing the second green moon he watched a puffy cloud appear and gave it orders, its form scouting ahead while sharing his vision. Three nightmares filled his vision and

were quickly wiped out by the happy dream before reordering the remaining steps. A green moon, blue sun, blue door, and a green door. Afterward the page gained its fifth card the green moon from the vision.

Using the second spell he forced the blue door forward and then used the red glyph to open the blue door in the distant ocean. A blue moon taking the glyph’s place.

“We draw closer, think carefully of these final moves Dreamwalker, everything weighs on them,” the guide said, his voice holding its authority but held a hint of concern deep down.

Using the first spell from the jewel he could see from deep within what remained of the swirl several cards, he pulled up the blue sun and placed it at the top. Next the Walker placed a blue moon which created a portal before him. Stepping through he entered the glass chamber, the multicolored moon from before now behind him with new steps set in front leading deeper into the ocean maze.

Following the steps he placed the blue sun, which furthered the path up to the massive blue tower that came up from the bottomless black ocean and went high above the waters surface which could barely be seen from his vantage point. Entering the tower he used the spell to rearrange the door, bringing the blue and final door to the front then placed the final blue moon creating a door in the middle of the massive room. High above the tower crept up with an assortment of pillars of water with sea-life moving through the tubes. Opening the door handle he found himself suddenly at the surface of the ocean, its waters churned by a rough wind that blew across the surface.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (27).JPG“Two blue doors activated another dark premonition that removes two keys of your choice seen at the top of the picture”

“The swirl has little color remaining, but so close, we must make this Dreamwalker.”

Looking down at the page he saw the five cards there, some of the very last cards remaining. A dead end, red key, brown sun, blue sun, and a green moon. Focusing the walker cast the first spell bringing a green sun to the top and drew it after removing the blue sun from the page.

Placing the green sun he found himself back in the forest, at the base of a massive tree that seemed tiny in comparison to the tower that grew from deep beneath the soil and into the sky. Beginning to walk he released the green moon which created a deeper path into the forest, looking to his left he could see the path snaking around the massive tower’s base. A happy dream suddenly fluttered by his side and he smiled looking at the book to see the red key and the next door being red. Ordering the happy dream it took the red key and whisked away, a moment later the click of the third and final red door opening. Two new cards filled the page, a red sun and dead end. Another lost dream showed up and quickly fell in line with the other two lost dreams sitting safely within the book.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (29).JPG

Gritting his teeth at the side of the dismal amount of color still swirling on the left page he used the first spell and pulled a blue

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (30).JPG

glyph to the top. Fueling the jewel more with the red sun he watched the blue glyph appear within the page.

Grimacing as he took one of the blue glyphs and released it he watched a door appear before him and unlocked it, its distant click resounding around him. He could feel his muscles tense as he took the second glyph and did the same, knowing this was his final chance based on how little color was left in the swirl. His vision filled with the odd colors and shapes, he shook nervously before seeing the final door open before him. Shaking the vision from himself he could see the Oniverse door set before him waiting to be opened.

“It feels so long since I last saw this door open to freedom, enter it Dreamwalker, victory is ours!”

Turning the handle, he entered into the room from before but this time it was further changed, gone were the crooked shadows and yellow light. In its place was bright white straight walls and a crystal hanging from the ceiling that shined a bright white light. Standing there in that empty room he felt suddenly trapped, to much energy bound up inside and unable to move. A voice suddenly called to him and before he knew it, he felt the presence of others all around, telling him to wake up. A monotone beeping sound registered behind their reassuring voices. He woke up in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room surrounded by those that cared for him and loved him.

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Tour (33).JPG“All doors unlocked, with only a few cards to spare before I would have lost”

Character Designs of Zak and Velvet!

Still hard at work editing! Things are coming along at a decent pace, albeit not as fast as I’d like. What is important is that the cover for book 2 has been finished! Though I can’t spoil what it looks like until the book is actually done! So to give a peak, here are the two characters that will be featured on the cover, Zak and Velvet!

lordsofthedice_zak_velvet_designI hope you all enjoy the picture, the full cover is even crazier (to give an idea…this picture is just a sketch that she made)! Until next time!

Ice Reaper Published!

It took awhile but I’ve finally published part one of my book to Amazon and Nook e-book stores just in time for Christmas! So, if you’ve been wondering where the next update to the blog was I can tell you that all of my effort went into putting the final touches into the book. I hope if you’ve enjoyed my stories here that you will help support me by getting the book and sharing it with friends and family! If you came here in search of more information about the Ice Reaper then go here. Additionally, check out the illustrator’s blog and be sure to follow/support her! – Orchid Hut

After enjoying those links I urge you to check out the archives page to see a couple of other short stories I’ve written based on board/card games I’ve played. I hope that everyone coming to this blog enjoy the book and also continue to enjoy the stories on this blog. Thank you everyone and enjoy your holidays!