Terrible Life of a Storm Trooper

I got this game recently its a very fun co-op, deck, builder, defense game, I decided to give solo play a try to see how it works. Lets just say it ain’t pretty, but during the game a certain part really stood out for me while using the storm trooper card.

The story below takes place during turn 4-5. The game is broken up into three waves, with three turns for each wave. As each wave occurs things unlock to buy and boost the strength of your deck, the Storm Trooper card being one of them.

Enjoy the read and as always links for the game below!

“Damn bugs, just tore through that trench like it was nothing,” the man said, overlooking the field stretched out before him, behind him stood a giant research lab with high walls surrounding it. Scattered all along the hill was a mess of disgusting creatures destroying the outer layers of defense the soldiers had put up. “All this for some science lab,” he chuckled and slapped the nearby ranger’s shoulder. “Get ready, that trench down below was the last one before they reach our area, I don’t need those things getting near us.”

lordsofthedice_Xenoshyft_Onslaught_Wave_One (4).JPG“Overview of the starting area for a one player game”

“Yes sir!” The ranger replied, shouldering his rifle and aiming down its sights, his hands shaking as he prepared to squeeze the trigger. Watching the shadows of the bugs further below come closer and closer the ranger began to shake more, “Sergeant Grimm, they seem bigger then the ones we’ve been facing.”



“This is the start cards you can buy, the left is the default, while every game the right 9 cards are randomized with a bunch of options.

“Cause they are,” Grimm replied, kneeling down by the ranger he peered down his own iron sights on his rifle watching the shadows dance in between wreckage and carcasses of other bugs. Explosions emitted down the line of trenches surrounding the base, bombs laid out to deliver a powerful impact through any hard shell crushing the organs within. A loud buzzing began to fill the air, cries of pain following shortly in nearby trenches. “Above us, fire!”

Yelping at the suddenness of the blast of rifle fire besides him the ranger shook himself into action and followed Grimm’s tracer fire, his own rifle beginning to light up. The tracers briefly illuminated the pitch black sky revealing swarms of giant flies, bullets ripping through their small forms, the shock waves left by bullets tore through their fragile wings.

lordsofthedice_Xenoshyft_Onslaught_Wave_One (32).JPG“This is the start of turn 4 with my remaining hand beneath it.

Quickly reloading his clip Grimm shouted an alarm to the ranger as he took a step back. He watched helpless as several flies landed into the trench, their razor sharp legs began to rip into his armor. His cries filled the air, sending a shiver down Grimm’s spine as he let instinct take over. With the clip locked in, the rifle rose smoothly and began to spray its form of death. The flies covering the ranger’s body were quickly obliterated along with the ranger himself, the heavy caliber bullets shredding through everything.

lordsofthedice_Xenoshyft_Onslaught_Wave_One (33).JPG

“Such hell, we’re spread to thin on this hill,” Grimm said aloud to himself in disgust. Stepping up to the wall of the trench he could see giant spiders descending on his position, their long legs coming ever closer. He smiled beneath his helmet as a group of spiders drew to close to a hidden pulsar bomb. The preceding blue light show was fierce and short but lively, creating a hail of spider parts in the surrounding area. A similar flash of blue appeared to his left, another bug had come to close and was now nothing more then a slush of remains.

Through the rain of parts a final panic spider revealed itself, a green ooze launching from its mouth through the air straight towards Grimm’s position. The spit hit his shoulder, quickly melting away part of the armor and hitting his skin, a cry of pain escaping him. With quick reaction at the danger of the spider approaching he released his rifle and pulled a grenade off his belt with his right hand tossing it. A fiery explosion overtook the spider cooking it from within.

lordsofthedice_Xenoshyft_Onslaught_Wave_One (35)

“Sergeant Grimm! You alright?” A voice called out from behind a moment later.

Lying down against the dirt wall he huffed trying to ignore the burning sensation in his shoulder. “Yea!” He barked back.

A moment later Grimm looked up to see the helmet of a field medic and another ranger by his side. He grit his teeth at the familiar feeling of an injection of medicine directly to his wound, the pain becoming numb.

“Nasty wound you got their Sergeant,” The medic chuckled.

The ranger cocked his rifle before sending forth a burst of fire, “we got more incoming!”

Sitting up with a grimace, the sergeant turned and took up his own rifle, the pain form the wound tingling slightly through the numbness. He squeezed the trigger, tracer fire finding several multi-legged prowling bugs. The wound stung more with each squeeze of the trigger, the recoil shaking his body. Suddenly several of the prowlers overtook the trenches’ wall. Their teeth dug into his armor, sinking through to his skin. A cry of pain escaped his lungs as he could feel the teeth digging in deeper.

lordsofthedice_Xenoshyft_Onslaught_Wave_One (38).JPG“Start of turn 5, definitely not looking good!”

Bullets arced through the air, shooting off the bugs, “Sergeant are you okay? We gotta help-!”

“Focus up and keep firing, I can help him after this position is secured!” The medic retorted.

lordsofthedice_Xenoshyft_Onslaught_Wave_One (39).JPG

The constant fire of guns drowned out his own gasps of breath, the pain inflicted through his arm weakened his body allowing the numbed poison from the spider to spread. Grimm

could barely feel anything, in his final moments he saw the tiny legged parasite crawling across his armor. He tried to call out an alarm to his two companions but no words escaped his mouth as they crawled beneath his armor and up along towards his brain. He was helpless as they took over, allowing him to watch as they now controlled his motions.

lordsofthedice_Xenoshyft_Onslaught_Wave_One (40).JPG

Rifle in hand he stood up, his eyes open wide watching as the rifle in his hand rose not aimed for the bugs encroaching on the trench but instead on the ranger. Bullets rung out, the armor on the ranger unable to stop the onslaught as he was riddled with holes.

Seeing out of the corner of his eye his comrade fall the medic quickly turned. The realization of what was happening registered to him as he squeezed the trigger as fast as possible, bullets piercing the sergeant’s zombified corpse.

He watched his gun fire upon the medic, the hail of death ending his life abruptly. The grip on his brain weakened as his vision suddenly became filled with dirt. Pushing up, he found himself lying on his back, visible bullet holes across his armor. The last thing he saw was the massive armored centipedes crashing through the trench and onward to the undefended base beyond.

lordsofthedice_Xenoshyft_Onslaught_Wave_One (43)

Hope you enjoyed it and like I said it did not go pretty, I still haven’t beaten this game, eventually though I’ll get it!

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