The Assignment

Got caught up with an idea from watching Zootopia too much (fantastic movie by the way) instead of writing the next board game short story. I enjoyed writing the two Armello stories a lot and Zootopia made me realize how well it can work outside of a game, so got thinking on a darker story. Next thing I know was thinking future and thought about Blade Runner and what follows is the first chapter. I will most likely write more to this as it was a ton of fun!

Ch. 2: Predator’s Club


The room was dimly lit, smoked trailed from the ash tray, several cigarette butts filling the tray with a fresh one sitting on the edge. The desk was littered with paper and files a complete mess yet organized in a chaotic way that few could distinguish. A clicking sound filled the room from the fan that spun in the corner moving the heat and smoke around. A rattling sound up above echoed, the building’s main A/C turning on bringing little in the way of cool air into the humid room.

Sitting in his rickety, leather chair was a heavy set stag, his brown fur unkempt, bags of exhaustion beneath his eyes. The police uniform he wore was worn and had a few rips along it, the badge on his chest in a desperate need for a re-shining. The only thing that was kept in perfect condition was his antlers, long and sharp a form of pride among any deer.

“Smoke’s sticking to your fur again Klavin,” the wolf said to the stag. Sitting down in the small leather chair, his knees banged against the desk causing him to let out a low growl of frustration, “still keeping these crappy chairs?” He asked with a shake of his head.

“Ahh come on Jax you know you can call me Tom after all we are friends by now, you hurt me by being so formal!” Tom exclaimed with a chuckle.

“We can be friends after you get better chairs!” Jax Denek replied, shifting again causing his elbow to hit the chair next to him, its wheels sending it rolling off to the side into a dusty fake plant long since stained a sickly green.

Tom chuckled again, picking up the cigarette between his index and middle hoof to take a long drag before blowing off a strand of smoke.

“You make me wonder sometimes if you like seeing us predators sitting in these cramped chairs,” Jax growled. Sitting at an angle with half his body off the chair’s edge, Jax ran his claws through the fur on top of his head, scratching an itch.

“I wouldn’t dare think that, there’s just a lack of budget in the department, you’ve been here long enough to know that Jax.” Tom replied, leaning forward to rest his elbows on the paperwork covering his desk.

“Yea, yea, yea, same story, same excuse. Let’s cut to the chase, why’d you call me? I was in the middle of trying to crack down on those couple of ex-fed badgers.” Jax said pulling out a rag to wipe at his sensitive nose, the smoke starting to get to him.

Tom smiled showing his flat teeth with visible gray stains, “well I got a better case for you that I think you’ll like.” The stag began shifting through his paperwork taking another drag from his cigarette. “Here we go!” He said tossing a plain vanilla file onto the edge of the desk before Jax.

Flipping the file open with a clean sharpened claw Jax came into view of several pictures paper-clipped onto the report detailing a dead sheep left in a gruesome state in an alley. A few of the pictures showed the sheep with visible cuts, the wounds cauterized. Several patches of wool were ripped from the skin with a clean shaven spot over his heart marking an emblem – three slashes made by claws with a crooked circle surrounding. “I haven’t seen this one in a long time, mark of the Tri-Claw Federation, what the hell are they doing skulking around?”

“Beats me, but we believe it could be an attempt at inciting fear with such blatant advertisement of their mark. As it is we have no idea why they’d even go for this sheep, just an ordinary citizen, nothing special about him just some factory worker.”

Shifting the pictures of the sheep to the side Jax picked up another image blurry by comparison to the clear image of the sheep.

“Taken by security cam, in that part of the city a lot of the tech hasn’t been upgraded, but we can make out for certain that the two suspects are a lizard of some kind based on the tail and a large mammal, most likely a bear. Can’t get better details with the heavy clothing they’re wearing and the poor cam quality.” Tom said, leaning back in his chair taking a long drag and flicked the cigarette butt into the ash tray, adding to his growing collection. “We swept the area heavy, didn’t come up with much in the way of anything nor any clues at the sheep’s home.” He closed his eyes pausing before taking a deep breath and continuing, “In that area are some locations frequented by predators, some of the businesses shadier then others, I’d try there. We know the suspects haven’t gone far, none of the cameras in the ship and train yards show any lizards traveling in the area.”

“What if they have their own means of transport?” Jax replied finished studying the file and closing it, setting it on the desk.

“Impossible, it’s one of the low life sectors of the city, security is high on the few major transportation hubs, and there are no reports of stolen ships nor any ships going or arriving in the area in the past few days. They are most likely lying low and plotting their next move.”

Running his claws through the top of his head again, Jax closed his eyes thinking for the moment, his ears flicking at the sudden bang up above then a growing silence of the A/C unit turning off.

“It should be an easy job for one of my best tanners, the rabbits from up above were even kind enough to lend a new pistol they developed.”

Opening his eyes again, Jax reached for the file again taking the pictures of the sheep along with the two suspects, folding them to fit in the pocket of his trench coat. “You know how to convince me, though don’t think I’m happy dealing with crazy Claws, last time I did got me nearly de-clawed and killed.”

Tom grinned, and reached underneath his desk to bring forth a bulky pistol holstered along with three clips.

Picking up the holster, Jax ran a claw over the sturdy leather then wrapped a paw around the ridged grip of the pistol. Un-holstering the pistol he turned it side to side looking over its three barreled design that extended over the majority of the pistols length. The three barrels left the pistol bulky as well and heavy, only able to be handled by the strongest of animals and fire the largest of hand-held caliber bullets. “The rabbits made this? It’s practically half their size!” Jax laughed, reaching a hand over to the three clips picking them up between his claws. “How did they even test it without being blown back against the wall?”

“Should know me by now Jax, I have no idea how those little cotton tails made it, just know it packs a punch and should handle either of those two Claws with ease.”

“Suppose you are right,” Jax replied, placing the three clips to his side, he flipped the switch on the gun. The three barrels swung out presenting three slits for the clips to slide in.

“Clip one is your 7.65 plasma caliber, not as big as the other two but more rounds packed into the barrel. The second is a physical slug round, rabbits called it the ‘fat carrot’, can blow off limbs with ease or even a head, though only got three rounds so use it sparingly. Third they nicknamed ‘piercer’, it’s plasma as well with a computer chip made to cut through walls and stop in flesh. Its powerful but careful not to hit civilians hiding.”

“All very impressive and we can’t afford better chairs,” Jax replied glancing over to the stag who only returned a smirk. Shaking his head he rubbed his running nose with the rag and stuffed it back in a pocket. Gripping one of clips between claws he slowly pushed on the lever on the bottom of the clip. Bullets fed into the chamber and compacted in. He slid the clip off, the slit in the barrel now sealed, packed with rounds. He repeated the action for the other two then flipped the switch so the barrels realigned with the gun itself. A small indicator lit up right above the handle of the pistol facing him depicting a twenty, three, and an eight. “How fancy, anything else I should know about?

“No, what I’d have to say would be the usual crap that I repeat to any tanner who comes into this office for an assignment.”

“So, make sure the target is dead at any cost to sum it up.”

“That’s my tanner!” Tom Klavin chuckled, showing off his dirty grin.



Ch. 2: Predator’s Club

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Thane’s Attempt at the Throne

Still addicted to Armello, tried my hand at playing Thane the Winter Wolf! It was an exciting game and I still encourage anyone to try it! Links below!

Next time I’ll try to get a post up on a different game, nonetheless enjoy the story!

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (93).jpg

“Thane, Thane, Thane!”

Thane could still hear their chants so eerily different then what was happening around him now. The plague had caused more damage to this settlement then he anticipated. Even now he could feel the sickness starting to affect his body.

Just days ago he had dealt with the same plague at another settlement. He was able to cure all of the citizens, including himself. When the bane showed up, Thane was able to kill it even after spending so much energy healing the sick.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (58).jpg

Now everything was different, he could feel the strain on his own lungs as he took a deep breath, resting by a wooden post of an abandoned building, the occupants long since dead. A heavy thick, green fog coated the town making each breath hazardous.

With the rising moon, Thane rose to his feet completely aware of what was coming. The loud screech moments later only confirmed his suspicions.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (61).jpg

A dark cloud billowed out in the town’s center pushing the poisonous cloud to the side to reveal the true evil besieging this place. Revealing itself with another menacing screech was a large dark feathered bane. Its body was covered in rot that streamed off its body to fuel the cloud that followed its every move.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (45)


Raising his rune blade, Thane shook himself into action, gritting teeth he charged forward. His muscles were on fire, the rot already covering his body burned with every move. The blade descended upon the large bane, its feathered wing blocking the blow as another screech bellowed forth from it.

The bane did not waste time, pushing Thane off it shook its wing, rot spilling from the opened gash. Jumping towards Thane it stabbed its large beak into the wolf’s chest, blood soon flowing.

In Thane’s final moments of consciousness he cast forth a powerful strike from his own spirit, the spark setting ablaze the bane’s inner core, burning it from within until it crumbled to the ground.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (64).jpg


“You awake yet Thane?”

A hacking cough followed, Thane’s eyes opening wide as he was forced awake by the pain in his chest. Sitting up he coughed some more before finally evening out his breathing and lying back down to rest. “What happened?”

“I found you passed out and wounded in Brunswick. So patched you up, got you into a wagon, and back into wolf clan’s territory.”

“What about Brunswick, are the people save?” Thane asked again, sitting up to look at his rescuer. The fire glowed brightly, sitting close by was an orange wolf, small in comparison to his own form. The orange wolf slowly stirred the contents in the pot that sat over the fire, his eyes focused on the task.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (74).jpg

“Yea, they’re save now that you killed the bane, though you saw the damage for yourself, it’ll be awhile before the place is back to its old self.” The wolf turned his gaze towards Thane, studying him briefly before returning his attention to the pot, “I know you well Thane through my contacts, I know you want to get up and go charging back out to fight for the throne. Rest for now, let me tell you what I know and tomorrow morning you can set out for the palace.”

Huffing, Thane laid back still feeling a slight ache in his bones, “I will listen, please tell me everything.”

“Good! My name is Bluff Broketooth, you will not have recognized me, and if you did than I’d be doing a bad job. I work in the background for the wolf clan and I am here now to assist you in going the final stretch to gain control over the throne.”

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (1).png

Thane closed his eyes, perking his ears as he listened to Bluff, enjoying a light breeze blowing through the camp. Opening his eyes slightly he looked up to see the wind send forth some sparks of fire to drift into the night’s sky, illuminated by thousands of glistening stars.

“I have received reports while you were busy dealing with the plague that Amber of the rabbit clan has already attempted an assassination of the king to claim the crown, though she has failed I’m confident she will try again. Additionally, I have heard from my contacts that Sana of the bear clan was the one responsible for convincing the king to enact some of his more recent laws, including the spread of the plague and the recent aggression of the guard on you and the other clan heroes. I am confident that she plans to use her recent prestige over Armello’s citizens to be crowned and bring about peace in her own methods once the king falls.”

“So then, how shall I get into the palace? It sounds as if Amber already has found a way, and that Sana with her prestige could simply sneak in at her leisure and take the crown once the king is dead.”

A chuckle escaped Bluff, “it so happens, that the wolf clan has come about a key, a gift to you.”

Sitting up with a rush, Thane looked towards Bluff to see a toothy grin across his face, a golden key sitting within his palm.

“Take it, let us eat well tonight and get some rest. Tomorrow morning you leave on your quest, alone.”

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (75).jpg


lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (80).jpg

“The lightning, its boom! How did it not kill you? It killed that fool of a rat, Mercurio!” The king roared, banging the dull tip of his broadsword into the marble, deepening the crack already set in. “No matter! I will end you all the same Thane!” The king roared, standing up from his sit on the giant throne.

Thane felt his heart racing in anticipation. The days events had flashed past him, one moment wishing Bluff well and then traveling quickly to the palace. The key he had used ushered him through all of the dangers the palace had held, straight to the throne room itself. Now rune blade in his hands, he gripped it tightly knowing what must be done. The runes lit up, a spell casting forth from his own spirit as he felt his muscles bulge with strength, a certain blood lust entering his mind, a pulse of the rot he had received from the bane days earlier shook him slightly.

A snickering laugh came from the king, “I can smell it, you have it too, it will consume us all and bring us into the new world! If you kill me, you will fall to the same corruption, I promise you that, Thane!” The king roared before charging forth.

Bringing the flat of his blade to his snout, Thane closed his eyes to focus before opening them again in time to bring his blade up to block the King’s blow.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (87).jpg

Snarling, the king kept slamming his blade down, finding each strike blocked by Thane, “pathetic, all you do is sit there!”

Holding his ground Thane swiftly moved his blade towards every attack by the king, before suddenly lashing out, the sharp edge striking into the king’s side.

Before Thane could plunge the blade deeper he felt the heavy paw of the king slam into the side of his head sending him sprawling across the smooth marble floor, the rune blade skittering to a stop close by.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (89)

“I got this Thane, you just relax now and let a real adventurer defeat this beast!”

A bang of pain echoed through Thane, he could feel the rot strengthening, the most he could do was lay there, try to relax, and push back its corruption. Opening his eyes he saw Amber standing over him, her own thin sword pulled from its umbrella sheath. Her ears were perked up ready to listen for any sound of danger and her feet ready to bounce in a moment’s notice.

“You again Amber? Annoying pest! Come then, strike with all you have!” The king roared, Ignoring his own wound to raise his sword and charge at the rabbit.

Pounding forward Amber easily dodged between the King’s attacks, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Her blade blocking a swing of the king’s sword here or there to test his waning strength. When the king was at his weakest, his wound continuing to gush blackened blood she finally lashed out with her sword.

Gritting his teeth, Thane shut his eyes tightly at the sudden light that filled the room. When the blinding light passed he opened them again to see Sana the bear shaman walking steadily into the room. Sunlight sparkled behind her through the windows, the clouds high above having drifted away from the palace. Before her path was a dead king lying in his own pool of blood and consumed by the rot that almost covered every inch of his fur now. By the king’s side was Amber helpless by the magic that held her. A squeal of pain escaped her as she was crushed by Sana’s power before passing out.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (91)

“Rest Thane, the bear clan has the crown, you must turn your focus in restoring this land for Armello.”

Thane grit his teeth, the rune blade so close, the king’s crown nearly his, but he could not bring himself to move, blackness finally taking his vision.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (94).jpg

Hope you enjoyed it! This story took place over multiple turns, some of which were summed up quickly. Main focus was on two turns, with the middle scene being extra dialogue I created to explain why Thane was rescued after being injured in the first scene. The round itself I sadly lost. I was hurt a lot by dying in the village due to rot being placed on my character. Additionally what hurt me even more was my mistake to not burn one of my cards that I meant to burn. In the picture with Thane facing the King, I had a spyglass I could have used to make one of my dies that missed instead hit which would have secured my victory.

Website: Armello

Youtube: Launch Trailer

Extra Info: Armello Community Wiki

More Info: Armello Community Wikia


Assassination at Darkmire

I’ve been addicted recently to a game called Armello that is on the PC! Its a short but still very richly detailed game which mimics that of a board game, so taking turns, moving around a board, playing cards, etc.

Its fantastic and I encourage anyone to go check it out, links to its website and other info is down below like usual, and enjoy the story!


“Your message said there were bandits raiding the settlement, instead what I see is a squad of King’s Guards littering the street,” Zosha hissed in frustration. The orange furred wolf stood tall and muscular cowered before her icy stare and small stature. Her presence made him nervous but she could tell her anger made him terrified.


“Yes well…you…you see…there were bandits, but.” The wolf stammered, his back pushing up against the thick wooden wall of the room. “The toad he showed up with the guards and pushed them out, said martial law was in affect…” he paused his eyes looking up at Zosha for a brief moment before he had to look away again, his tail tucked between his legs, “he said it was the king’s orders and the toad said he was in charge now.”


Letting out a seething breath she stood up straight, arcing her back slightly with a crack before leaning back in her usual posture, hands close to the pommels of her two blades on either hip. “You were right to call for my help, I shall deal with them.”

“But its the King’s Guards! You can’t possibly take them all on!” He exclaimed, “Darkmire needs you alive.”


A laugh escaped her, “you shouldn’t worry about me. I must remove their presence including that toad, it would create a bad name for Night Mother if I didn’t.” She sniffed the air, her ears twitching slightly at a creak in the floorboards above. “Guests?”

“Ye..yes…my family, they moved in recently for safety.”

“A wise move,” She snickered, her tail swishing back and forth. “Before I go, tell me do these guards have anything to do with Barnaby? I had a run in with that damn rabbit several times to the north.”


“Not that I know of… but, you know how those rabbits are with the king, trading their artifacts and jewels for political favors.”

“You are right about that… keep your nose to the air for any more news and you’ll stay in good faith of the Night Mother.” Zosha said before leaving not waiting for a response. The door and halls quickly opened before her rapid movement. The darkness a stranger to some was her element. With the rising moon she scouted the settlement of Darkmire, counting every guard of the king and the location of the toad himself.

In the late hours of the night with clouds covering the crescent moon she struck. Her blade slicing between a gap in the thick armor of a guard. A low whine escaped him muffled by the light breeze in the air, his descent made soft by her guiding arms to the ground.

By the time the clouds moved off of the moon and its brilliant white light filled the sky once more one of the ten guards who patrolled the settlement was gone.


She didn’t waste any time, once the guard was hidden away in a hole she quickly traveled along the tunnel network created by those loyal to the Night Mother. Her blades shined briefly in the moonlight that became hidden by clouds moments later. The sound of a metal blade cutting through the chain-mail of another guard sounded. A nearby guard his ears perked, sniffed the air in the direction of the sound. A moment past before a small dagger lanced through the air piercing into his neck.

With the second guard hidden away she waited with anticipation, the sound of the third guard crashing to the dirt floor, his armor rattling echoed in the still air.

Clouds moved away from the moon once more to reveal the dead guard, a pool of blood forming around his neck where the dagger stay lodged. Two other guards appeared, their metal helmets turning, their halberds raised.

In that moonlight her blades connected and twirled through the air leading her straight to the two guards. They barely raised their weapons before the blades spun through gaps in their armor finding the weak points with ease. Quick precision left the two guards on the floor, missing limbs and surrounded by their own blood.

Just as fast as she appeared she vanished. She did not waste time at all moving through the city’s tunnel network straight towards its center. Her ears twitched at clattering metal above and she quickly burst from her cover upon the unsuspecting guard. His head separated from his body as he crashed to the floor.

“The Whirlwind! Back up to the lord we must protect him!” A guard barked before letting out a howl to the stars above.

Following the retreating guards she didn’t care to hide anymore instead taking a forward approach with her blades at the ready. She easily caught up to one guard, ducking beneath a swipe of his halberd she lashed out spilling his guts out and kept moving. Her blades red with blood sliced through the thin door that stood before her into the mayor’s home. There she found herself facing the final three guards, two of which who retreated upstairs to their lord.

The guard facing her pounded his chest before taking a readied stance, his halberd prepared to lash out.


Accepting the challenge with a grin and bowing swiftly she pulled her cowl tightly around her head and pounded forward, jumping above the swing of his halberd. Connecting her blades together, she gripped the ceiling with her free hand, claws digging into wood before she kicked off with feet. Her blades fueled by the momentum of her descent sunk deep into the guard’s shoulder straight into his heart. A loud growl of pain erupted as the guard slumped, blood pumping from his heart to the floor.

Ripping the blades out she moved to the stairs, pulling free a small sphere she tossed it up. A moment passed before an explosion emitted above, a high pitched yelp along with grunts of pain echoed down to her. Charging up she found the tight corridors filled with smoke, a small crater in the floor where the bomb set off, sending splinters everywhere.

In the dissipating smoke she saw the two guards still alive but briefly stunned, beyond was the slanderous fat toad richly dressed and helpless, crying hysterically. She approached blades ready before pausing at the heavy footsteps behind her. Spinning around just in time she crossed her blades to meet the large hammer that bared down on her.


“Well if it isn’t Zosha herself! I figured you were up to no good when we met out in the plains!”

“I could say the same to you!” She growled in return and jumped back letting his hammer crash into the floor. Dashing forward she swung her blades towards him.

With quick reflexes of his own Barnaby brought his hammer up to shield himself and shoved her off before swinging his hammer around not allowing her any chance for reprieve.

The hammer hit her hard, slamming heavily against her blades and sending her crashing towards the toad and tumbling over him right out the window.

Landing in the dirt she let out a harsh cough, blood coating her lips. Spitting out the blood she quickly retreated from the open space and back into the safety of the tunnels. Once hidden she began focusing on evening out her breathing, the effect of the hammer’s blow wasn’t evident in visible wounds but instead in the blood she had coughed up.

“Come out Zosha! Do you think a rat can hide in a hole from a rabbit?”

Spitting up some more blood she quickly began moving through the tunnel. Scampering along she felt a rush of adrenaline at the sound of the tunnel collapsing behind her. Moving faster she rolled into a side entrance of another tunnel as the one she was in completely collapsed.

“I can hear you down there, come face me and prove to me you are truly ‘The Whirlwind’!”

Grabbing another bomb she rolled it down one tunnel entrance and moved in the opposite direction. Gritting teeth she waited for the explosion and leapt out with its bang. She grit her teeth in pain from the sting of pain within her from the sudden ascent. Blades spinning she descended back down on the distracted rabbit. Her blade sinking into the left shoulder of the rabbit.


A cry of pain escaping him he elbowed her back then spun around, his hammer hitting her side, sending her rolling through the dirt. Ripping the blade out of his shoulder he dropped to his knees in pain, “finish her!” He growled in command.

Rolling to a stop, Zosha pushed herself onto her hands and knees quickly, her tail swishing back and forth in frustration, the second half of her dual blade lay close by. Swiping it up she stood to her feet, her usual stance lazy in comparison to the start of the night.

Two guards descended upon her, their halberds raised with every intention to end her life.

Back-pedaling away from the halberds their shock-wave nearly stumbled her, her tail keeping her balance.

With a snarl one guard lunged forward, the tip of the halberd coming towards her.

Nearly skewered through she spun around feeling her side nicked by the blade and sliced her own blade into the guards side causing him to stumble to his knee. Ripping the blade from the flesh, blood spilled rapidly as she added to the growing pool by chopping into the guards neck a couple of times ending his life. Spitting blood onto the dead guard she waved her hand to the last guard with a bloody grin, her free hand holding her side to try to seal the wound.

“Damn rat, you’ll never dethrone our king!” The guard roared and brought his halberd down with air-cracking speed.

Faster then the furious guard, Zosha’s blade struck with lightning reflexes ending him with an accurate cut to his stomach spilling his innards.

Taking a deep breath Zosha turned her attention to Barnaby who held his hammer in one hand.

“You think with this victory that you get closer to the throne? Dirty rat you should return to your slums!”

“I expect nothing less from the loud arrogant rabbits, you were better hiding in your holes for all those generations!” Zosha spat back and charged forward, her final blade still held tightly in hand.

Standing up straight and prideful he ignored his useless left arm and gripped his hammer single-handedly. Swinging with all his might Barnaby brought his hammer around with air-splitting force, the strike caused Zosha to stop dead in her tracks by knocking her blade from her hands, her own arm close to being ripped from its socket.

Pausing in that brief moment she saw the glint of her second blade in the moonlight lying on the ground. Without a second thought she ducked low dodging Barnaby’s second attack. The hilt fit into her hands so perfectly its sharp blade heading straight for the rabbit’s heart, ending him in similar fashion to the ten guards littering the street. The final gasp of the rabbit fluttered into her ears, its sound reminiscent to all the others slain by her.


Ripping the blade out of the rabbit she took a deep breath enjoying the moonlight and the cool air. A light breeze blew into the settlement the blood caking her fur caused a shiver to run down her spine. She shook herself, her tail lashing back and forth in anticipation. She turned her attention towards the building with the cowering toad still inside, her dual blades still hungry for one more this night.

Extra Info and Links:

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“Starting position, my corner on the map.”


“Nicely detailed character sheet”

Hope you enjoyed it! In terms of this particular story it took place over two very short over the claim on a settlement. The round itself I did win, receiving a prestige victory, though I’ve definitely done better in other rounds.

Website: Armello

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Extra Info: Armello Community Wiki

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