Thane’s Attempt at the Throne

Still addicted to Armello, tried my hand at playing Thane the Winter Wolf! It was an exciting game and I still encourage anyone to try it! Links below!

Next time I’ll try to get a post up on a different game, nonetheless enjoy the story!

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“Thane, Thane, Thane!”

Thane could still hear their chants so eerily different then what was happening around him now. The plague had caused more damage to this settlement then he anticipated. Even now he could feel the sickness starting to affect his body.

Just days ago he had dealt with the same plague at another settlement. He was able to cure all of the citizens, including himself. When the bane showed up, Thane was able to kill it even after spending so much energy healing the sick.

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Now everything was different, he could feel the strain on his own lungs as he took a deep breath, resting by a wooden post of an abandoned building, the occupants long since dead. A heavy thick, green fog coated the town making each breath hazardous.

With the rising moon, Thane rose to his feet completely aware of what was coming. The loud screech moments later only confirmed his suspicions.

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A dark cloud billowed out in the town’s center pushing the poisonous cloud to the side to reveal the true evil besieging this place. Revealing itself with another menacing screech was a large dark feathered bane. Its body was covered in rot that streamed off its body to fuel the cloud that followed its every move.

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Raising his rune blade, Thane shook himself into action, gritting teeth he charged forward. His muscles were on fire, the rot already covering his body burned with every move. The blade descended upon the large bane, its feathered wing blocking the blow as another screech bellowed forth from it.

The bane did not waste time, pushing Thane off it shook its wing, rot spilling from the opened gash. Jumping towards Thane it stabbed its large beak into the wolf’s chest, blood soon flowing.

In Thane’s final moments of consciousness he cast forth a powerful strike from his own spirit, the spark setting ablaze the bane’s inner core, burning it from within until it crumbled to the ground.

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“You awake yet Thane?”

A hacking cough followed, Thane’s eyes opening wide as he was forced awake by the pain in his chest. Sitting up he coughed some more before finally evening out his breathing and lying back down to rest. “What happened?”

“I found you passed out and wounded in Brunswick. So patched you up, got you into a wagon, and back into wolf clan’s territory.”

“What about Brunswick, are the people save?” Thane asked again, sitting up to look at his rescuer. The fire glowed brightly, sitting close by was an orange wolf, small in comparison to his own form. The orange wolf slowly stirred the contents in the pot that sat over the fire, his eyes focused on the task.

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“Yea, they’re save now that you killed the bane, though you saw the damage for yourself, it’ll be awhile before the place is back to its old self.” The wolf turned his gaze towards Thane, studying him briefly before returning his attention to the pot, “I know you well Thane through my contacts, I know you want to get up and go charging back out to fight for the throne. Rest for now, let me tell you what I know and tomorrow morning you can set out for the palace.”

Huffing, Thane laid back still feeling a slight ache in his bones, “I will listen, please tell me everything.”

“Good! My name is Bluff Broketooth, you will not have recognized me, and if you did than I’d be doing a bad job. I work in the background for the wolf clan and I am here now to assist you in going the final stretch to gain control over the throne.”

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Thane closed his eyes, perking his ears as he listened to Bluff, enjoying a light breeze blowing through the camp. Opening his eyes slightly he looked up to see the wind send forth some sparks of fire to drift into the night’s sky, illuminated by thousands of glistening stars.

“I have received reports while you were busy dealing with the plague that Amber of the rabbit clan has already attempted an assassination of the king to claim the crown, though she has failed I’m confident she will try again. Additionally, I have heard from my contacts that Sana of the bear clan was the one responsible for convincing the king to enact some of his more recent laws, including the spread of the plague and the recent aggression of the guard on you and the other clan heroes. I am confident that she plans to use her recent prestige over Armello’s citizens to be crowned and bring about peace in her own methods once the king falls.”

“So then, how shall I get into the palace? It sounds as if Amber already has found a way, and that Sana with her prestige could simply sneak in at her leisure and take the crown once the king is dead.”

A chuckle escaped Bluff, “it so happens, that the wolf clan has come about a key, a gift to you.”

Sitting up with a rush, Thane looked towards Bluff to see a toothy grin across his face, a golden key sitting within his palm.

“Take it, let us eat well tonight and get some rest. Tomorrow morning you leave on your quest, alone.”

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“The lightning, its boom! How did it not kill you? It killed that fool of a rat, Mercurio!” The king roared, banging the dull tip of his broadsword into the marble, deepening the crack already set in. “No matter! I will end you all the same Thane!” The king roared, standing up from his sit on the giant throne.

Thane felt his heart racing in anticipation. The days events had flashed past him, one moment wishing Bluff well and then traveling quickly to the palace. The key he had used ushered him through all of the dangers the palace had held, straight to the throne room itself. Now rune blade in his hands, he gripped it tightly knowing what must be done. The runes lit up, a spell casting forth from his own spirit as he felt his muscles bulge with strength, a certain blood lust entering his mind, a pulse of the rot he had received from the bane days earlier shook him slightly.

A snickering laugh came from the king, “I can smell it, you have it too, it will consume us all and bring us into the new world! If you kill me, you will fall to the same corruption, I promise you that, Thane!” The king roared before charging forth.

Bringing the flat of his blade to his snout, Thane closed his eyes to focus before opening them again in time to bring his blade up to block the King’s blow.

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Snarling, the king kept slamming his blade down, finding each strike blocked by Thane, “pathetic, all you do is sit there!”

Holding his ground Thane swiftly moved his blade towards every attack by the king, before suddenly lashing out, the sharp edge striking into the king’s side.

Before Thane could plunge the blade deeper he felt the heavy paw of the king slam into the side of his head sending him sprawling across the smooth marble floor, the rune blade skittering to a stop close by.

lordsofthedice_Armello_Thane (89)

“I got this Thane, you just relax now and let a real adventurer defeat this beast!”

A bang of pain echoed through Thane, he could feel the rot strengthening, the most he could do was lay there, try to relax, and push back its corruption. Opening his eyes he saw Amber standing over him, her own thin sword pulled from its umbrella sheath. Her ears were perked up ready to listen for any sound of danger and her feet ready to bounce in a moment’s notice.

“You again Amber? Annoying pest! Come then, strike with all you have!” The king roared, Ignoring his own wound to raise his sword and charge at the rabbit.

Pounding forward Amber easily dodged between the King’s attacks, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Her blade blocking a swing of the king’s sword here or there to test his waning strength. When the king was at his weakest, his wound continuing to gush blackened blood she finally lashed out with her sword.

Gritting his teeth, Thane shut his eyes tightly at the sudden light that filled the room. When the blinding light passed he opened them again to see Sana the bear shaman walking steadily into the room. Sunlight sparkled behind her through the windows, the clouds high above having drifted away from the palace. Before her path was a dead king lying in his own pool of blood and consumed by the rot that almost covered every inch of his fur now. By the king’s side was Amber helpless by the magic that held her. A squeal of pain escaped her as she was crushed by Sana’s power before passing out.

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“Rest Thane, the bear clan has the crown, you must turn your focus in restoring this land for Armello.”

Thane grit his teeth, the rune blade so close, the king’s crown nearly his, but he could not bring himself to move, blackness finally taking his vision.

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Hope you enjoyed it! This story took place over multiple turns, some of which were summed up quickly. Main focus was on two turns, with the middle scene being extra dialogue I created to explain why Thane was rescued after being injured in the first scene. The round itself I sadly lost. I was hurt a lot by dying in the village due to rot being placed on my character. Additionally what hurt me even more was my mistake to not burn one of my cards that I meant to burn. In the picture with Thane facing the King, I had a spyglass I could have used to make one of my dies that missed instead hit which would have secured my victory.

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