Diplomacy – Fall 1902

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England: Continues to run a fleet around its island, moving from the North Atlantic Ocean to the Irish Sea.

The other fleet in Norway continues to defend the supply depot there.

While the armies in Wales and London continue to hold and wait for the inevitable convoy to mainland Europe.

No supply depots are captured so the English army stays the same size.

France: Keeps up its assault on Germany, using the space in Ruhr and Belgium to stage a successful attack on Holland while the German fleet there leaves for the North Sea.

The fleet in Brest moves into the English channel.

While the army in Portugal moves into the north coast of Spain.

The army in Burgundy holds its position.

With two new territories, France builds an army in Marseilles and a fleet in the recently vacated Brest.


Germany: The fleet in Holland moves into the North Sea but is quickly called back due to lack of supply depots from the loss of Holland and scuttled for parts.

The army in Kiel attacks the supporting French army in Ruhr, cutting off supply, but with no fleet in Holland, the French still succeed.

The army in Munich holds its position out of fear of Austria-Hungary attack from Tyrolia.

With the loss of Holland, Germany sits at only three armies instead of four.

Italy: Has a turn of little movement. Only its fleet in the Western Mediterranean moves north to the Gulf of Lyons.

Italy stays at its four supply depots this year.

Austria-Hungary: Moves its fleet from the Ionian Sea back to the Adriatic Sea.

Its armies all hold positions, creating an opening at Vienna.

With the capture of Serbia at the end of this year, Austria-Hungary was poised to gain another unit but lost its supply depot in Venice due to Russian Attack. The nation stays at four units on the field.


Russia: Is on the move this season!

The army in Armenia attacks the Turkey fleet at Ankara.

The fleet in the Black Sea attacks and captures Constantinople!

The army in Galicia captures Vienna!

The fleet in the Baltic Sea captures Denmark while the fleet in the Gulf of Bothnia follows in its place.

At the end of this year Russia has captured three territories! Building an army in Warsaw and Sevastopol. With a fleet along the north coast of St. Petersburg.


Turkey: Moves its army in Constantinople to Smyrna, which gave the opening to Russia to attack.

The army in Greece holds and captures the city, offsetting the loss of supply in Constantinople.

The fleet in the Aegean Sea moves into the Eastern Mediterranean. While the fleet in Ankara holds and staves off the attack from the Russian army in Armenia.

Turkey stays at the same number of supply depots this turn, its army staying the same size.

Here is the final picture for this turn.


Diplomacy – Spring 1902

The second year of war!

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Overview of the map from the previous turn.


England: Attempts an army crossing through the English Channel from London, but with a lack of ships it is a complete and utter failure.

Its two fleets capable of convoying are busy up north with one moving into the North Atlantic Ocean and the other squaring off with a German fleet in the North Sea.

France: Continues to push on Germany with an army moving into Ruhr from Burgundy with support from the army in Belgium.

The fleet in Portugal is told to move to Spain but fails to move with confusion on which coast.

While the army in Marseilles moves into Burgundy.


Germany: The fleet in Holland opposes the English fleet in the North Sea before returning to port.

The army in Berlin moves over to Kiel while the army in Prussia follows into Berlin.

The last army in Munich holds its place out of fear of Austria-Hungary invasion from the east.

Italy: The Italians move the fleet from Tunis into the Western Mediterranean.

The army in Naples moves into Apulia while the Rome army moves into Tuscany.

The last army in Venice holds.


Austria-Hungary: Moves its army from Vienna to Tyrolia

The army in Budapest holds while the army in Romania moves into Serbia.

Its fleet in the Adriatic Sea moves south into the Ionian Sea

Russia: The fleet in Sevastopol moves surprisingly into Armenia behind Turkish lines.

The fleet in Galicia attempts to push into Budapest and is fought back.

The fleet in St. Petersburg moves into the Gulf of Bothnia while the fleet in Sweden moves into the Baltic Sea.

Turkey: The fleet in Ankara holds.

While the army in Smyrna moves into Constantinople.

The fleet that was stationed in Constantinople moves south into the Aegean Sea.

And the army in Bulgari moves into Greece.

It seems the Turkish communication lines are finish straightened out, but with Russia in Armenia, confusion is sure to be created.

The overview picture of this turn.


Diplomacy – Fall 1901

The close of the first year is here! Let’s see how each faction fared.

Spring 1901 | Fall 1901 | Spring 1902

The overview of the map as it currently stands at the start of Fall 1901


England: Both of its fleets head north to Norway and the Norwegian Sea. By the end of the year, the supply depot is captured by England.

As for its single army, it heads to Wales.

The extra supply depot allows England to produce an army in London.

France: The French army in Picardy moves into Belgium with support from the army in Burgundy.

As for the fleet in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean, it decides to dock in Portugal.

The extra supply depots give France the ability to produce a fleet in Brest and an army in Marseilles.


Germany: The army in Munich decides to hold in case of a French invasion from Burgundy.

The fleet in Kiel moves into Holland to capture the supply there.

The final army in Berlin moves into Prussia, giving space for a new army to be produced in Berlin.

Italy: Orders both of its armies to hold ground while its fleet moves and captures Tunis.

With the extra supply depot it produces a new unit in Naples.

Austria-Hungary: Orders its fleet in the Adriatic Sea and army in Rumania to hold position.

While its other army in Vienna moves into Budapest.

Budapest an empty territory holds the first skirmish of Austria-Hunary and Russia. The result is the Austro-Hungarian army returns to Vienna and the Russian army returns to Galicia.

With the supply from Rumania, The empire creates a new army in Budapest.

Russia: The fleet in the Gulf of Bothnia moves into Sweden to capture it.

The army in Galicia stays in it after failing to capture Budapest.

The fleet in Sevastopol sets sail into the Black Sea.

While the army in Moscow moves into Sevastopol.

With the extra supply, Russia creates another fleet along the southern coast of St. Petersburg.


Turkey: performs more actions then last year as its armies get into gear.

The army in Constantinople moves into Bulgaria to capture the territory.

Unfortunately there is an issue against in the communications and both units in Ankara and Smyrna attempt to move into Constantinople and are forced to move back into their starting positions.

With the new supply, Turkey decides to build a fleet in Constantinople.

Below is the final overview of the results!