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I created a Patreon last night. I probably should have done it eons ago, maybe with a steady income even if it was tiny it would have given me more incentive to bust my ass to work and not be lazy. I also made it as I have several friends who have wanted to support me and I figured this would be one of the best ways to do it.

Every story I make I plan to eventually make free for everyone to see, the exception being the full size novels when they do come out. So if you still want to read what I write and not spend money you are welcome to, they’ll just be a delay before it goes free.

How does this all affect this blog? – Well I sadly am still trying to make money to justify writing and creating board games and that requires me to make original ideas. This blog was made with the idea of creating fan fiction for board games. I do want to create more posts here for fun, but it’ll have to continue to wait.

Thank you for your support!

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Battle over Greywind

Its been some time since my last update. Still working in the background with my ideas over at CardForge Games

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This week though In-between Guild Wars 2, I have been playing a lot of Armello and having a ton of fun with the recent updates. Decided to make a story for Amber The Far Seeker! The story is a bit more loose, with me creating it out of a few different events that happened during those turns.

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As always, enjoy the story!


Amber’s nose twitched, sword in hand she walked through the low brush of the forest. The stillness in the forest was aching her heart, a feeling she had grown use to long ago with her adventuring spirit. The cracking of trees and movement in the distance drew her attention.

“A bane I figured as much! How odd though, to keep finding these creatures far from ancient tombs,” Amber said with a hint of excitement in her voice, readying to pull her sword from its umbrella scabbard. Charging ahead she closed the distance quickly for the waking bane.

The giant, black bane laced with purple rot spotted her out of the corner of its eyes and stabbed its beak towards her.

Easily dodging the beak and a sweep of black feathery wings she found herself behind the bane slicing her sword along its back before hopping several feet away.

The bane shook itself, screaming a wretched cry of pain as it began flapping away overturning trees and foliage in its wake.

“Come back, beast!” She yelled, starting to chase after it, freezing up several times as the bane swept a wing back before resuming its retreat through the moon lit path of the forest.



“I wonder if this is what Talcott meant when he spoke of the King’s agents meddling where they shouldn’t…” Amber muttered, continuing to follow the bane through the woods, keeping her distance for now. The scenery changed all around going from the peaceful forest to a rocky formation of hills with tunnels leading into ruins. There the bane finally to tired to run and bleeding profusely from its back made its stand atop a cracked staircase.

A sweep of a beak nearly impaled Amber, but the fast rabbit easily dodged and swept her sword across its neck ending its life, the rot oozing out of its freshly made wound. Jumping back down the steps she watched the bane land with a heavy thud, crumbling the stairs further as it slid down into the dirt.

Taking a deep breath, Amber sheathed the sword and stood the umbrella up like a cane, resting in the peace of the moment.


Exhaling, she gripped the umbrella tightly and moved deeper into the ruins past the dead bane. There within the descent into ancient tunnels she saw the purple eyes of more banes deep within the caves awaking from their slumber. “Talcott is right… this has to be the King’s agents doings, I need to get to the town and stop whatever is luring them!” Amber said, quickly retreating from the ruins and began her race back through the forest heading to the settlement further beyond.



Talcott the Tinkerer’s words still bothered Amber as she raced through the dark forest lit by the high, silvery moon. Entering the outskirts of the settlement she stopped in her treks at the sight of the dog guards of the King standing by the gate.

Lowering herself she moved to the side and found a hole within the aged wooden walls of the settlement. Moving into the town she made her way through the alleyways to the back door of a home. Knocking she was greeted by a massive, black bull standing with a large hammer in hand. Looking down at her he sighed and lowered his weapon, moving back inside.

“Didn’t expect to see you so soon Amber, I assume you’ve already heard then?” The bull asked with a graveling voice, placing the hammer to the side and sat down on a nearby stool.

“I’ve heard many things, but I didn’t expect to see the guard here, what happened to those I hired Lance Ledhoof? They forget how to do their job?” She inquired resting her hands on the pommel of her weapon, glancing around the room littered with weapons, armor, and tools hanging on racks and pushed up against walls.

“One of the mercenaries you hired to protect the town has a dark history, it attracted the guards to show up,” replied Lance.

“Tempted by the rot?”

“Yes, those still loyal have mentioned to me they have been seeing stirrings in the dark within the nearby ruins.”

“They aren’t wrong, I killed a bane earlier this night, there are more hiding and I’m sure they will move sooner then later,” Amber said, beginning to pace along the wooden floor.


Lance let out a snort of frustration, “we have to take action then, your presence will get those still loyal rallied behind you. I suggest we strike within the hour, I can send messengers out and we can remove the guards and the traitors amongst them.”

Stopping in her pace Amber lowered her head in thought, her nose twitching before looking up again, “alright, we rid the town of the guards, and get it back under the proper control.”



“Its been a bloody night,” the armored beaver stated, ripping the axe out of the guard’s chest and gripping the wooden handle tightly, his eyes gazing over the main road of the town littered with the bodies of a dozen guards and citizens who had risen weapons to fight.

Pulling a handkerchief from a breast-pocket Amber wiped it across her cheek, and looked down at the cloth to see blood now staining it. “Curse the king for bringing such a vicious battle to a peaceful town,” she spat, swiping her blade through the air and readying it. “Has anyone seen the group of traitors, they turned tail quickly once the guards had been finished.”


Sitting atop a guard, Lance held his stomach tightly with one hoof and another around the shaft of his hammer, “yea… one stabbed me and they all ran off to the north…”

“Alright, get some rest Lance, the same for the rest of you! If you are still able and willing, then with me, I’m chasing them!” Amber exclaimed with a rise of her sword before sheathing it and started off at a sprint down the road past the circle of fighters rallied around her. The beaver, a fox, and another rabbit followed behind Amber, rushing along with her, axe, spear, and sword at the ready.

The four turned down several roads, making their way over a bridge to the north side of the town. Coming around a corner Amber slowed in her tracks, her nose twitching and ears twisting, “stop!” she snapped, ripping the sword from the scabbard she held tightly.

“We mustn’t stop, we have to continue!” the rabbit exclaimed excitedly dashing ahead and tripped over a wire in the road, magic sparked along the wire and set the rabbit to flames in a flash, his harsh screams becoming hoarse then silent a moment later.

“By the wyld!” the fox exclaimed.


“Fools to chase us, lets kill them!” A badger laughed jumping from a nearby alleyway, a sword and shield in hand, visible veins of rot through his coarse fur shown in the moonlight.

Coming from the other side of the road with spears raised were two rats and a possum holding two daggers, rot running along his arms, “death to the weak!” yelled the possum.

“You’ll pay for the dead!” Snarled the beaver who lashed out towards the possum with axe raised. The fox barked in tune with the beaver and swiped his spear towards the badger.

“I get the two rats? Figures,” Amber laughed raising her sword in time to deflect the first swipe of a spear and hopped back a step, dodging another spear from the second rat. She took several more steps back, keeping her distance from the black-furred rats pressing on her with sharp spears. Further beyond she could see the beaver swiping his axe back and forth before the possum who nimbly dodged. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted the fox stabbing his spear at the badger.

“Quit running rabbit!” One of the rats snapped before finding himself face to face with the lightning fast Rabbit, sword stabbed through his heart.

The other rat startled by the quick hop, brought her spear around to try to hit Amber’s back.

Springing her umbrella open, Amber startled the rat and blocked the wooden pole of the spear stopping the momentum of the weapon. Snapping the umbrella shut she sliced her sword forward into the rat’s throat, a gurgled cry spewing forth from the rat before it collapsed to the floor. “Sorry for running so long!”

Swiping the sword through the air to loosen the blood from it she gasped at the sight of the fox being ripped open by the badger’s sword.

Spotting Amber out of the corner of his eye, the badger turned and grit his teeth at the rabbit’s sword slamming against his shield.

The wooden shield having been damaged by the spear multiple times splintered allowing the sword to dig in and cut into the badger’s arm. The badger let forth a cry and staggered back, the shield keeping the sword trapped within its wooden frame. “Got me good rabbit, but what now? Your weaponless!” The badger spat, his arm hanging loose with the shield, his other paw tightening around the hilt of his raised sword.

Gripping the umbrella, Amber jumped forward allowing the badger to swing his sword. Dodging the first swipe, she opened the umbrella catching the sword’s second strike, the frame wrapping around the sword to get it stuck. Moving her umbrella to the side she caused the badger to become unbalanced while she moved forward to grab the hilt of her sword. Gripping it tightly in one paw, she let go of the umbrella and slammed her other paw into the badger’s face sending him to the ground while she ripped the sword from the shield and then sent the sharp point into the badger’s face killing him in an instant.

“Ruined my favorite umbrella!” She exclaimed glancing towards the ripped up frame of the umbrella. Turning she got ready to charge at the possum who was still engaged with the beaver in a fierce duel. In that moment a sharp dart pierced her side taking her by surprise as she crumbled to her knees gasping for air. Glancing in the direction the dart had come from she spotted a skull sitting atop a furred figure hiding within the shadows of a house. The figure glanced to the north out of the town before letting out a piercing laugh to echo in the night sky and retreated into the shadows. “The Harbinger… now I understand,” Amber stated falling into the dirt with closed eyes and short breaths for air.


The sounds of blades hammering against each other followed by a grunt of pain fluttered into Amber’s ears. Opening her eyes again she looked up to see the beaver pulling the axe from the possum’s skull. The beaver stumbled back a step and fell onto his butt, visible wounds covering his body as he breathed heavily. “Amber?”

“I’m alive… how fares yourself?” Amber asked between short breaths.

“I’ll live,” the beaver chuckled, “I’ll go get help, just hang in there!” he said before using the axe as support to stand back up.

Forcing herself to take a deep breath, she reached along her side and gripped the dart to rip it out. A cry of agony escaped her and she closed her eyes once more to rest.

Time passed until finally her ears turned at the sound of her name being called as help descended all around her and carried her to safety and a bed to rest on.


Card Forge Games

Haven’t made the official announcement here but I did add a link on the side if anyone has noticed it. I started a second website called Card Forge Games which is a place where all of my original works will be published the main focus being my work on an original board game currently nicknamed ‘Parasite’.

With this new project I’m afraid to say there will be less updates here, however you can still expect me to come out with a short story occasionally based on games. I will still be publishing original stories over at Card Forge Games, this includes the continuation of Jax Denek’s story, and any other works I create alongside my novel that is coming closer to the end.

I encourage you all to go check out the website, thank you!

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