Roshtein the Keeper of the Blue Tower

Well considering my last post, this one was even faster. Part 6 for you all to enjoy and the game is on turn 6…a bit slow however that is my luck to get so many towers at the start of the game to cause this to happen…also my sick joy of adding details for each tower.

So besides the good news of this part arriving decently on time (not really compared to when I first started the blog) I do have some bad news… I’ve been a bit busy helping a friend who is making a game! So not really bad news however it is bad for me making these stories. Nonetheless I urge you to follow this pretty link ( ). It is a Kickstarter for my friends game which it’d be awesome if you supported but the main reason you should click it is cause I’m the guy in charge of the Twitter (@magicitegame)/ Facebook (/magicitegame) pages and eventually the main forums, etc. I will also be helping him make the story/side quests for the game which should be awesome.

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Timmy felt his body lifted up by the tranquility of the flowing blue serenity that carried him along towards his next destination. The veil of peace around him was left behind a moment later to reveal a man standing before him. The man stood tall with four arms crossed, his blue skin smooth and covered in orange and golden scales. The scales covering his body making it appear as if he was encrusted with armor; lean muscles visible beneath the thick scales. He wore a velvety blue robe that ended at the ground and was draped over his left shoulder along with a dark leather pouch.

“Welcome friends,” The figure said bowing slightly and taking a step back while uncrossing his arms in a sense of grandeur, revealing the two towering pillars beyond with fish and bubbles floating inside.

“Always busy trying to impress Roshtein.” Cadexin said floating past the blue man unimpressed.

Timmy could not suppress his smile of amazement as he rushed past Roshtein to stare up the dizzying high pillars, the fish of varying sizes and colors swimming up the length of the pillar to an unknown destination.

“Unlike you Cadexin, it seems the boy is impressed!” Roshtein chuckled and walked over to Timmy, kneeling before him, “I assume you are the Dreamwalker?”

Looking away from the pillar, Timmy came face to face with the four-armed man’s eyes that opened horizontally with a subtle squish, “Yes, I am. That’s…what Scieneis kept calling me.” Timmy said a bang of sadness hitting him.

“A tragic death indeed, but there are times for remorse and times for action, now then, come along you two! Let me show you my grand tower!” Roshtein said standing with a spread of his long arms to their great extent to touch both pillars and led them up a stairway. The stairway was wide and tall in comparison to the previous towers and quickly moved into a huge room.

“How do you know about Scieneis?” Timmy asked, his eyes widening at the room’s splendor. Timmy slowly stepped forward onto the thick rugs made of multitudes of colored thread and embroidered with gold laid across the ground beneath rich mahogany tables and chairs all neatly arranged with jars full of water and tapestry waiting to be used.

“It is wise for a tower keeper to know all as soon as it happens,” Roshtein said guiding Timmy’s eyes up with a wave of his hands.

The extravagant dining tables along the floor were outmatched by what was above Timmy. His eyes glistening with awe at the massive glass structure in the shape of a single drop that hung from the ceiling. Its mass was large enough to house ten-foot sharks that swam between castle like pillars, fish, and other sea life all co-existing. From the drop were tubes connecting to the pillars of water that could be seen housed between the stone walls. Timmy looked into the watery pillars and saw no end to the ecosystem just the darkness where the light could not penetrate through the water anymore.

“Impressive is it not Dreamwalker?” Roshtein spoke aloud in the silence.

“Very…” Timmy said walking along towards a table to steady himself, his eyes still staring up at the drop above, his eyes catching onto movement of crabs and serpents snaking through the sand that sat at the bottom of the drop.

“Enough with the showing off Roshtein, we have business to attend to;” Cadexin spoke in a quick tone.

Roshtein crossed his arms in annoyance as he eyed the floating book curiously, “For a book full of knowledge you are dull.” Sighing he uncrossed his arms and turned his hands up in defeat, “But I suppose I should expect you want to get straight to business considering my tower is third in line and the only thing protecting the green from falling.” Roshtein smiled casually as he picked Timmy up by the collar and began to carry him, “Come along boy enough admiring my creations, your dull friend wants to work.”

Timmy cried out in disappointment as he eyed Cadexin with a hated look.

“How short your memory is boy when you already forgot where we just came from.” Cadexin said with a heated tone, the buckle glowing a dim red, “I suppose it is good though that your memory is so short or you might get corrupted with fear from the horrors you witnessed.”

A chuckle escaped Roshtein as he set Timmy up along a spiral staircase that had glass walls of water all around giving a perfect view to multitudes of colorful coral that had made their home in the tight space where only small fish could reach. “Always quick to demean others Cadexin, I would not expect anything less of you.”

The buckle became more heated as a hiss of rage escaped the book before he became silent in following the two up the stairs.

lordsofthedice_onirim_5_blue_tower_drew_blue_key“Turn five I placed the blue tower and drew a blue key”

At the top of the staircase, Timmy stopped to catch his breath as he used the wall for support. Walking after Roshtein who passed him, Timmy could not help but stare in awe as he realized that this new room was right above the giant drop. The tip of the drop came up through the center of the room and connected to the ceiling that held more water far above and filled with more life even larger than before as Timmy could spot distant objects that looked eerily similar to whales. “How…how is that possible?” Timmy asked as a giant squid passed close by, its huge eye staring into the chamber that they stood in for a moment before moving on.

“How is what possible?” Roshtein inquired.

“That!” Timmy exclaimed with a pointed finger at the tentacles of the squid vanishing by the ceiling.

Roshtein chuckled as he turned back to his work, his hands against the glass of the water at the center of the room. “Simple, it is the ocean.”

“The ocean! You mean were underwater?” Timmy exclaimed, moving up close to Roshtein in excitement to hear the answer.

“Not the brightest one in your family are you?” Cadexin stated as he floated on the opposite side of Roshtein waiting in patience.

“As if you were always smart Cadexin, I still remember the day Scieneis began to write you into creation.” Roshtein said with an amused smile, his hands sliding along the glass surface a final time to reveal a light golden glow that dissipated to reveal a hole in the glass, the water still flowing past as if nothing had changed.

“What was he like when he was born, Roshtein?” Timmy asked his eyes shifting to the opening in the glass with a twinkle in his eyes waiting for what happens next.

“Let me see…” Roshtein said taking his hands off the glass causing the hole to close instantly to Timmy’s cry of disappointment. “I can’t remember exactly what happened,” Roshtein said looking at Cadexin (his buckle visibly red-hot), “ah yes now I remember!” Roshtein exclaimed with a snap of a finger and a loud laugh. “When Cadexin was first written he had no idea how to open himself! Should have seen him flopping about like a helpless fish,” Roshtein said short of breath while he rubbed a tear out of his eyes.

“Uhm…” Timmy said a bit confused, “Ha?”

“Yes, because Scieneis was gone on an errand and had asked you to watch me which you refused to teach me you bubbling idiot!” Cadexin’s heated tone seethed out of his hot buckle that cooled slightly with the release of his anger.

“Right, right, of course Cadexin.” Roshtein chuckled softly to himself as he resumed to his work, effortlessly opening the hole in the glass once more.

“Lucky we need your help or I think I’d smack you with my spine and leave.” Cadexin spoke as his buckle cooled more returning to its much gentler orange tone.

“Of course,” Roshtein said half listening as he reached into the hole with his right hand and closed his eyes to focus. A moment passed before he pulled his hand back out with a sigh, “This may take a few moments.”

“What will? You were suppose to escort us to the next portal the fact that we are not there is baffling to me.” Cadexin said.

Roshtein moved away from the glass to a table that sat on the side with different jars of specimens of sea life. Sitting at a chair he relaxed as he eyed his two visitors, “Well I figured I’d try to assist you two so I called a companion of mine to bring me a key for you to use.”

“A key? So what I did at the red tower Cadexin?” Timmy asked his voice quivering slightly at the thought of destroying another place.

“Yes, that type of key.” Cadexin answered. Turning towards Roshtein he floated closer to the tower keeper, “We should be moving soon lest your tower has a greater chance of being put in danger.”

“Of course,” Roshtein said nodding, “I already have everything planned out for you two. The portal is in the lower rooms and there I will give you access to the closes location on land, one of the ancient libraries. There you can, I am sure gain access to a door.” Roshtein stood up and moved over to the glass wall, out stretching his palm into the water. “I will also keep an eye on you two so if anything bad happens I can bring you back here through the portal.”

“A decent plan Roshtein, it is good that you have kept your wits about you unlike the last two tower keepers,” Cadexin coldly stated.

“Yes, well… finally admitting my tower will never be the strongest has allowed my mind to settle a bit.” Roshtein sighed and then perked up with a smile as his eyes caught onto the octopus that was sliding down the length of glass towards the opening. Pushing off from the glass its dark form brightened into a deep reddish neon color that waved across its skin like grass blown by the wind. The tentacles wrapped around his hand in a welcoming gesture.

“That’s amazing,” Timmy said in awe, his eyes locked on the changing colors of the octopus, the shades changing to a neon green now.

“Yes, it is.” Roshtein stated as he closed his fingers around one tentacle and then released it a moment later, his message sent to the creature. The octopus kept its tentacles locked onto Roshtein’s hand as it pulled something out of its beak-like mouth with a free tentacle and placed it onto Roshtein’s palm. With a gentle pat of comfort given to the octopus, Roshtein watched the creature go before sealing the hole once more. “Here we are,” Roshtein said opening his hand towards Cadexin to reveal a blue key, “need help opening yourself?”

“Don’t test me Roshtein,” Cadexin said, the buckle unclasping with a slight buff of steam, the pages turning swiftly to come to a page displaying an image of a blue key that quickly absorbed the one in Roshtein’s hands. Turning several more pages Cadexin turned towards Timmy to reveal a brown key that slid out of the picture, “Take it.” Cadexin ordered.

Taking the key into his hand Timmy eyed it with concern, “do I have to use it?”

“Yes, it is to our advantage to scout ahead before we go down to the portal,” Cadexin said slamming himself shut and closing the buckle.

“He has a point Timmy, I know it is a hard burden but it must be done to succeed for the greater good,” Roshtein assured Timmy with a hand on his shoulder.

“Right…” Timmy said with a gulp as he stared into the loop of the key and was introduced to an ocean with a huge school of fish swimming in every direction to create a path for him. The platform beyond came into view and a moment later he was standing on it, the ocean all around with shadowy shapes moving around the platform that was void of water. Five pedestals stood around him just like before. Two blue suns, a brown moon, the lowest of brown towers, and a brown door stood on its own pedestal each.

“Blast! A brown door, how foolish to waste the key when we had another at our option,” Cadexin said in a heated tone into Timmy’s vision.

lordsofthedice_onirim_6_discard_brown_key_before“For turn six I discarded a brown key and came up with these five cards”

Grimacing with disappointment at the realization of what had happened Timmy began to rearrange the figures and with a sigh finally placing the last one as the blue sun on the final pedestal. Its form swallowed up in shadow a moment later and the platform vanished beneath his feet as the vision began to end. He could see the spot where he was standing a moment ago already becoming a distant speck as he raced past the school of fish that was disintegrating into ash as the ocean became dark with new monsters to swim in its depths. He was knocked back and brought to an abrupt stop and shook his head in disbelieve at the suddenness of everything. Looking down he could see the key already gone from his grip a sob escaped his throat as he grit his teeth to hold back the tears from the heat of emotion flowing across his skin. He winced at the touch of a hand on his shoulders as he could feel his muscles relax, the mix of emotions quickly washing away.

“Come along boy, we have to keep moving.

lordsofthedice_onirim_6_discard_brown_key_after“I discarded the brown sun and re-ordered the cards from left to right, then I drew the brown moon.”


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The Thriving Forest Tower

So here is Part five, I wont go into details on why I was absent. If you want to know then just look in the About page. Besides that enjoy the continuation of Onirim!

 lordsofthedice_onirim_4_green_tower_drew_brown_sun   “Turn four I played the green tower and drew a brown sun”

The strange smoothness of green energy rippling past him was peaceful. Timmy relaxed in the glow that was instant and ended in a near pitch darkness in all directions. “Cadexin…” Timmy said nervously looking up at the book to see him still just floating silently there. Looking around he could feel a tingling of dread snaking up the length of his spine as he took in the grotesque images of oddly shaped bodies barely covered in cloth or skin ripped through by trunks and vines of varying plants. Bright colored flowers lit up the scene grew out of crevices formed in bone and rotting flesh. “Cadexin?” Timmy inquired to the book floating above, his hand brushing his forehead where sweat was beginning to bead, the humidity of the room starting to get to him in such a short time. Timmy’s other hand already pulling out a handkerchief to brush more sweat away as he sighed at the realization that the numbing effects of the portal were ending so quickly.

“Shut up, boy. I’m thinking.”

Timmy turned at the sound of rustling, his eyes catching on the brief movement of vines and leaves. “Cadexin I saw something move!” Timmy cried out as he looked over his shoulder at the sound of more rustling. Timmy’s heart beat faster in dread as he turned around his eyes inspecting the archway where they had come from, overgrown with the plants.

“Of course something moved, now shut up! I do not need to hear your whining voice while we wait for the master of this tower to arrive.” Cadexin stated.

“But what about the plants moving and the…bodies?” Timmy said eyeing one of the dead, its large boned form housing multitudes of pod like plants that grew a bouquet of flowers lighting up the face of the body revealing its single eye floated in a mixture of brown liquid not completely rotted away but instead the base of a thick stemmed red plant. A bubble of air forming at the stem of the plant burst causing the decaying eye to shift slightly which rustled the red plant; a small puff of red mist floated up adding itself to the intoxicating smell of the room. Timmy gagged at the sight as he covered his nose his body tingling in disgust as the numbing effects of the portal finally ended.

The book seemed to sigh in response until finally turning around to face Timmy, “I hate to admit it but you raise a good point…it is obvious that something happened and it is definitely possible the tower keeper has gone insane, more so then Anastell.” The book turned abruptly around and began to float off down the tight corridor away from the archway, “Come along boy, we shall have to find the tower keeper ourselves or hopefully the archway to connect the next tower!”

Timmy followed the book, his entire body on edge, as he constantly looked over his shoulder almost positive that he caught movement of vines snaking after them. His heart beat fast as the flowers along the walls grew dim plunging him into near darkness until they grew bright once more to reveal the stoned wall covered thick with vines and a strange syrupy liquid that streamed down its surface slowly. He kept his hands tight in his pockets too terrified to reach out and touch the strange liquid, His handkerchief tight around his face to try to mask the horrid smell of the flowing liquid a mixture of rotting fish and the release of gas that happens after one-steps foot deep into an undisturbed bog. “Cadexin what is wrong with this place?” Timmy cried out, tears stinging the corners of his sensitive eyes to the thick air.

“I do not know yet boy, though I have my suspicions…keep up we are close to the top!” Cadexin called out as he hurried along another set of stairs.

Timmy followed close behind hope surging through him and giving him energy as he realized the thickness of the air was lifting slightly as he took step after step. Opening a door as Cadexin waited by his side Timmy looked around to see a circular room with a large mass of thick vines in the center. Along the walls, he could see windows with a view all around covered by more vines and large leaves a slight breeze creeping in and cooling his face from the consistent humidity from below. He took a step forward and looked down at the loud crunch to see a glass sphere broken in bits before him. He followed the shards of the sphere along the ground to see more spheres as well as beakers, vials, bottles, and all sorts of other biological equipment once filled with different specimens that were now free and growing wildly in the dimly lit room.

“Do not touch anything!” Cadexin said in a flurry as he floated past Timmy towards the center of the room, “As I feared the tower keeper did go insane. The damn idiot must have consumed too many pedals for his pleasure and mixed them with the shadow to fuel his grab for power.”

“Why would he do such a thing?” Timmy asked eyeing the center where he could see a red body bloated with the liquid that flowed from the walls. The vines obscured most of the body except for the single fat arm that appeared to be outstretching for a ledge to grab on to, fingers bent in odd ways and missing the thumb and middle finger, the openings leaking the liquid to pool on the ground.

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_green_Towers“Green Tower”

“Because, some tower keepers who do not rule over the strongest tower of their respective region become full of lust and jealousy to make their tower the best no matter what even if it means mixing that of nightmare with their art. It explains why the plants have taken over the tower and devoured all of the inhabitants.”

“So what happens to us Cadexin?” Timmy asked looking around at the multitudes of roots and vines littering the floor.

“We seek the other archway and connect it to the next tower.”

“But what about all of the plants?”

“We are safe from them for now, with the tower keeper dead the plants lost the drive to feed.” Cadexin said floating over to an opening between two vines at one of the windows, “However we must move fast, as my suspicions were answered…”

“What were your suspicions?” Timmy asked walking over to the window to peek out at the forest thick with vegetation stretching out for miles, a fair distance away Timmy spotted the rays of darkness lacing out from between the trees a girl’s voice whispering in his ears.

“The forest you gave to nightmare, it was the catalyst for this mess.” The book floated in front of Timmy and began to urge him away cutting the voice off, “come quickly now we have no reason to linger here longer.”

Timmy quickly followed the book, his hands holding tight around his mouth and nose as the thickness of the air further down in the tower welcomed him back, “Wait Cadexin how was the choice I made earlier the reason for this!” Timmy called out.

The book floated along turning several corners leading Timmy, “I am not positive as I was not here but if I had to guess, the tower keeper saw the opening of nightmares deep in his forest and instead of doing his job to stop the spread of nightmares. He took it upon himself to harvest that darkness to fuel his hunger for power believing he could control it and therefore control all forests.” Cadexin turned around a corner and quickly began to descend a set of stairs towards a room that was not infested by darkened plants, an archway made of stone sat in the middle. “The tower keeper got his wish for power in the form of his plants extending through the lives of all that trusted his authority until finally he was ended in his own creation which stopped the plants’ hunger.”

Timmy closed his eyes trying to shake the images of the dead out of his head. Opening his eyes, he was welcomed to a warm sight now that he had reached the bottom of the steps. All around the archway were crystal-clear pools of water with small flowery plants neatly growing by the water with small colorful insects hiding beneath the tiny leaves of the flowers.

“A safe haven kept alive by the power of the portal, which is quite good for us, it means the archway will work and once we connect it to the next tower it will guarantee the safety of this tower from the darkness as long as the next one does not fall under the shadows influence.” Cadexin said as he moved towards the archway and turned around to wait for Timmy, “get over here boy, so you can follow my instructions.”

Admiring the peaceful scene around for another moment, Timmy walked over to the archway and placed his hand against the smooth surface of the archway as instructed by Cadexin.

“Good now close your eyes and relax, it will be dark for a time but you won’t have to wait long for a spark of a connection opening to happen; when it does everything will come natural.”

Nodding in understanding, Timmy closed his eyes and was welcomed by darkness. Nothing happened as he bit his lip in frustration until suddenly a bright flash appeared in the dark. Latching onto the light with his thoughts the image grew larger until suddenly he opened his eyes to see the archway lit up with a blue swirl of mist.

“Good job boy, now then let us get through it, hopefully the next tower is not in such a tragic shape as this one is.”


– When I was editing this section it made me think of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Not sure why, I’m assuming maybe just the thick amount of overgrown plants. Either way if you have not seen that movie for whatever reason I do urge you to, huge influence on me that is for sure. IMDB

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The Crooked Red Tower Keeper

This is part four! If you have not read the previous parts check the Archive page at the top! Also terribly sorry for the lack of pictures on this one, my joy of adding details caused the red tower which took a single turn to take up an entire post. I hope the story speaks for itself to not desperately need the pictures, enjoy!

lordsofthedice_onirim_3_red_tower“The Red Tower”

                The telescope was massive, filling up half of the room and extending one way to a great thickness outside of the tower and the other way into a thin cylinder twisting a crooked path through the air to end in front of a thin woman. Her right eye was stuck tight against the end of the telescope, her other eye closed. The thin fingers of her hands worked effortlessly spinning five different dials shifting the telescope to and fro in a display of precision and excitement. She was clothed in fine red silk robes that clung around her body hiding her shape but with the sleeves of her robe falling down at her upraised pale, working arms it was apparent that she was deathly thin and was close in shape to that of a stick.

“Quite happy to see you are well Stargazer Anastell,” the book spoke.

Timmy’s eyes wandered high up to the winding telescope and back down to the scattered tools all around the room. His eyes catching onto desks, tables, and the wall plastered with star maps and paintings. As his eyes shifted to the obscure tools made of metallic circles and dials, several spherical shapes held by stands all scattered about the room left by fast moving fingers that stopped using them.

“’Well’? Ha! You are lying to look upon me and think I am ‘well’.” The woman said turning in her large leather chair imprinted by her frail body. Her voice was raspy and broken as if she had not used her voice for days and had forgotten to drink water causing her throat to become dry.

She looked worse now that Timmy could see her from the front. The robes hung heavy over her form left untied around her waist to reveal her plain black dress beneath that appeared several sizes too big for her. He felt his stomach lurch at the sight of her left eye blood shot from lack of sleep and the missing eye from her right socket. His body shook as his eyes scanned over to the telescope to see the eye still held in place and scanning the skies with the same excitement.

“I’m happy to know you have not lost your sanity and can still recognize sarcasm. Now then Anastell shall we skip the pleasantries?” The book inquired as he floated closer to the pale stargazer.

Her eyes shifted to Timmy her single eye looking over him with the same lust and vigor as the one connected to the telescope. A moment later both of her eyes stopped, with a quick spin of her body back towards the telescope, she turned some dials and shifted the great machine, causing the right eye to start moving with renewed vigor at the new sight. “Yes, let us skip them; you seek the help of my tower, correct?” She said looking back towards the book with her left eye that had lost its interest in its surroundings.


“Good! I am honored, as after all, my tower is better than those other two fools and will provide better service to the Dreamwalker.” She stood up from her chair and began to walk away from the telescope towards the book.

Timmy stared in disbelieve to notice her left arm missing. Looking back at the telescope he could see the hand moving with vigor to keep the telescope shifting constantly. He sat down in disbelieve, his mind racing with fear at the strange disgusting woman standing only a few feet away.

“Yes, well I am sure you are aware of what is happening with the nightmares?”

“What’s happening with them, but of course!” She laughed, nearly choking on the lack of air able to pass through her thin throat. “Follow me,” she said after gathering her composure.

lordsofthedice_onirim_3_red_tower_interior“A regular red key card that I used to help create the inside of the tower”

                Timmy felt a sudden hit against the top of his head and looked up at the book in annoyance, the sickly sight of the woman leaving his mind for the moment, “what?”

“Get up boy and keep up.” The book spoke in a fast angered tone.

Sighing Timmy stood up and began to follow after the book and the lady who was descending a set of stairs down a passage dimly lit by small sparkling lights. “Why do you never call me by my name?”

The book turned around, his buckle lighting up with a short burst as he spat out an amused laugh, “call you by your name? Why should I? You’ve been useless thus far, and someone who has done nothing does not deserve the right to be called by name!”

Timmy’s face reddened, “useless? How am I useless? I haven’t had a chance!”

“Chance or not, you’re useless!” The book shouted and quickly turned around.

“Well…seeing how you are going to be rude can I at least know your name so I can be nice?” Timmy said skipping a couple of steps to keep up with the floating book and the skeleton lady who seemed to have an infinite strength within her body.

The book scoffed in reply and floated off the stairs and began descending faster down the center of the passageway that had opened up to reveal a vast spiral staircase.

“His name is Cadexin, and it would be better for you to ignore his angered tones.” The woman said, not slowing her pace or caring if Timmy was even behind to hear her.

Timmy was forced to jump several steps onto a wide landing that looked out to a window of the vast sky and then turned abruptly to more steps. Using the wall to stop his sudden momentum he quickly twisted about and continued to run along to keep up with the woman nearly crashing into her from behind, “Cadexin? I won’t forget it!” Timmy said with a grin before inhaling a big gulp of air that he desperately needed from his quick bursts of movement.

Timmy’s eyes began to wander as he finally found a pattern to keep up with the lady down the winding steps the sparkling of the lights finally catching his eye forcing his curiosity as he looked towards the woman, “So how do those lights work?

“They are tiny fragments of stars harvested high above from a time long ago. Don’t be impressed by their glow, it is dim they once glowed bright from a glorious time long ago.”

“Stars? But how?”

“By flying, what a stupid question, boy!” Cadexin called out in frustration from waiting at the end of the steps.

Timmy looked past the robed woman at the book now floating before a stoned archway. The room was scarce of anything else to look at besides a stairway that continued further down to the opposite tower below the floating rock.

“Let us be done with this I wish to return to my work.” The woman said walking towards the archway, her right hand placing over a stone fragment.

“What is happening Cadexin?”

The book floated towards Timmy, “Enjoying the use of my name?” Cadexin said, his buckle glowing lightly in annoyance.

“Yes, I prefer calling you by your name instead of ‘book’.”

“Right, of course,” Cadexin chuckled and turned back towards the woman who was still working on the archway. “What is happening is quite simple; she is opening the portal that will create the possibility of connection with three other towers. With the connection made and solidified with four towers of each color it will make our goal much easier to reach.

“So then the connection will take us to another tower after this?”


“That’s good.” Timmy said slightly nervous at the sight of another tower and the possibility of something viler looking then the stargazer. “Anastell, I’m curious but you said that your tower was better than the other two earlier, what did you mean?”

“My tower is better as I know to look high, low, and in all directions. Those other two fools in charge of their towers are too busy looking in one direction, they are stuck in the past of the desperate search up, for the end, an ending that never came as I predicted. The space is infinite.” The woman turned around a moment later with a triumphant crooked smile, “There it is done.” Behind her the stones to the archway lit up with a gentle red glow. “Now be off you two, the connection should take you to one of the towers, I have much work to do.” The woman began to walk towards the stairway.

lordsofthedice_onirim_4_green_tower_drew_brown_sun“Their path opened to the Green Tower for the start of my fourth turn”

                Timmy watched the woman leave in a hurry before looking back at Cadexin who was already floating towards the connection, “Cadexin…what was wrong with her?”

“She was once a believer of the end to the space. She went high up as all the others. There came a day however when she decided with the closes of her friends and family to go up higher than ever before.” Cadexin paused before the archway seeming to debate if he should continue. Several long moments passed before he did, “She was the only one to come back, and her return caused everyone else to stop looking up so high in fear, besides a few skeptical fools. Since that day she has lived alone, having lost everyone she cared for, but she believes she can find them. With her vast knowledge and patience she took this tower and turned it into her weapon to look in every direction for the ones she loved because she can’t admit to herself that they are dead in that space.” The book turned around towards Timmy, his glow seeming very dim as if slightly saddened, “To simply sum it all up…she went insane.”


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