To make it more convenient here is a list of all the past games and the different stories associated with them.


The Beginning

Spring 1901

Fall 1901

Spring 1902

Fall 1902

Spring 1903

Fall 1903



Thane’s Attempt at the Throne

Assassination at Darkmire

Battle Over Greywind

Xenoshyft: Onslaught

Terrible Life of a Storm Trooper

Magic The Gathering Arena of the Plainswalker & Heroscape

Skirmish Between Gideon and Nissa


Tour through the Labyrinth

Wiz War

A Session of Wiz-War


Middle Earth Quest (unfinished due to missing notes)

Part 1: The Encroachment of the Gap of Rohan

Part 2: A Message from a Thrush

Onirim Old Story (unfinished due to missing notes)

Part 1: The Start of Onirim

Part 2: The Brown Tower of Onirim

Part 3: The Costly Entry to the Red Tower of Oberservation

Part 4: The Crooked Red Tower Keeper

Part 5: The Thriving Forest Tower

Part 6: Roshtein The Keeper of the Blue Tower

Part 7: The Grand Shattered Library

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