Diplomacy – Conclusion

Fall 1903 | Conclusion


The game started off with clear advantages going to Russia and France, however that lead was quickly taken from them by mistakes.

It’s hard to say at this point of the game who would actually prevail. Some safe conclusions can be made though.

Austria-Hungary is in a tight spot and surrounded by enemies on all sides except for Germany who is being constantly pushed on by France. It is interesting though as while Austria fights Russia, Germany is Russia’s friend.

The only reason Germany survived as long as it did is due to military mistakes on France and England’s part. France with forgetting to support with all its units available and England having trouble convoying its own units.

While Germany and Austria fight for survival, Italy watches on the side, poised to steal land, but still refuses to choose land. at one point it even threatened France, which could have been devastating and yet it pulled back.

Russia once powerful lost territory to Turkey and opened itself to multiple fronts. It currently stays strong, however the nation made several mistakes in 1903 that cost it’s imminent victory. Now as Turkey grows stronger, Russia’s easy victory has been taken away.

Turkey started off weak, but once it got a handle on the game it quickly began to push Russia back and is poised to take more then just Bulgaria and Greece.

If the game was to continue I would assume Germany and Austria-Hungary would be finally wiped out. From there it all depended on how much land the other nations could grab up. Then it’d be anyone’s game again.

Unfortunately time ran out. The students all learned a lot from playing and are now enjoying their Summer Break before Middle School.

Until the next board game, thanks for reading everyone!

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