Diplomacy – Spring 1901

Welcome to the first turn of Diplomacy! Spring 1901.

Start | Spring 1901 | Fall 1901

As mentioned in the previous post the players are fifth grade students who have never played Diplomacy. They are split into seven teams and informed of the rules.

My role in this game is to simply oversee the game and make sure the rules are followed. The students had several examples of orders so any mistakes are not allowed to be reversed.

The details below are part, statements as to what is happening, and part me interpreting the actions of the different teams. What is happening internally in the games is as much a mystery to me as it is to you the reader!

If you want to learn more about Diplomacy check out its page on BoardGameGeek

The results from the start of the game:



England: Moves their army from Liverpool to Yorkshire while also positioning a fleet in the North Sea.

Unfortunately their other fleet stationed in Edinburgh is given mixed orders and decide to stay in port until clarifying their lines of communication.

France: They move their fleet from Brest out to the Mid-Atlantic Ocean.

While both of their armies move towards Germany, confident that Italy will cause them no trouble in the south. The first army positioning itself in Burgundy and the other in Picardy.

Germany: They send their fleet along the cost of Kiel towards Holland.

Their army in Berlin prepares a crossing of the Baltic Sea, however with a lack of ships for their artillery pieces they decide to stay still.

As for their army in Munich it is given no lines of communication and decides to stand still in preparation of any Austria-Hungary or Italian maneuvers towards the German border.

Italy: The Italian fleet at Naples heads into the Tyrrhenian Sea towards the depot in Tunis.

Its two armies hold position in their respective cities of Venice and Rome.

Austria-Hungary: They move their fleet in Trieste into the Adriatic Sea, either as a peaceful maneuver with the Italians are a future aggression. Time will tell.

As for their army in Budapest it heads into Rumania, a surprising move when Russia is so close and neutral Serbia is ripe for the taking.

The final army decides to hold in Vienna, prepared to move in a moments notice in any direction to defend the empire.

Russia: The Russians move their army from Warsaw to Galicia.

Its fleet along the southern coast of St. Petersburg sets sail into the Gulf of Bothnia.

While its other fleet in Sevastopol engages with the Turkey fleet in the Black Sea. With no support it is forced to withdraw eventually.

The army in Moscow told to move to Sevastopol decides to return to Moscow after the fleet’s failure in the Black Sea.

Turkey: The empire continues to mobilize its forces for the oncoming war. With its recent rapid mobilization it is unprepared to move its armies and both hold in their positions.

As for its fleet, they move out from Ankara and engage with the Russians in the Black Sea. Eventually forced into a stalemate, the fleet withdraws to resupply.

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