Patreon for Card Forge Games

I created a Patreon last night. I probably should have done it eons ago, maybe with a steady income even if it was tiny it would have given me more incentive to bust my ass to work and not be lazy. I also made it as I have several friends who have wanted to support me and I figured this would be one of the best ways to do it.

Every story I make I plan to eventually make free for everyone to see, the exception being the full size novels when they do come out. So if you still want to read what I write and not spend money you are welcome to, they’ll just be a delay before it goes free.

How does this all affect this blog? – Well I sadly am still trying to make money to justify writing and creating board games and that requires me to make original ideas. This blog was made with the idea of creating fan fiction for board games. I do want to create more posts here for fun, but it’ll have to continue to wait.

Thank you for your support!

Check out the Patreon!

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