The Costly Entry to the Red Tower of Observation

Welcome to the incredibly late third part to Onirim! At the end of the post as usual I have some notes and additional info on what happened during this game, besides that enjoy the read and please if you have not read part 1 and part 2 I insist you do so!

lordsofthedice_onirim_start_5“The start of my Onirim game, the eight doors I had to open in order. As well as the four dark premonitions above the doors.”

“Come along boy, keep up!” The book said, the buckle glowing slightly with every word.

“I’m trying!” Timmy called, his feet aching from walking so long. He stopped abruptly by a rock using it for support as he slumped in exhaustion, “just a five minute break please!” His eyes closed slightly and reopened at the short breeze of the book quickly floating back towards him.

“A five minute break? Such a naive boy you are!” The orange buckle lighting up brighter than usual with a tint of red, “pathetic you are!”

lordsofthedice_onirim_1_starting_hand“My starting hand – Oh hey a brown tower! I wonder what happens”

“I’m sorry!” Timmy cried out, the glow before his eyes causing him to tear up. “It’s just…you’ve been making me walk for so long! And Scieneis I miss him!” Timmy looked away from the overbearing form of the book before him, his eyes shifting towards the distant brown tower. The tower could barely be seen anymore but he was sure he could still make out the blackness that had overtaken it and only grew in size since. “He was a lot nicer then you.” Timmy pouted.

“He is gone now boy, so it is best to forget about him for now and focus on our mission we have a lot of work to do if you wish to leave the dream.”

“I wish he wasn’t gone.” Timmy said, sitting down against the rock.

“Of course that is what you wish, but now I am your guide, and I do not desire death even if it means I have to lead a brat through the darkest of nightmares!” The book lightly taped the top of Timmy’s head, “now then get to your feet the red tower is close by.”

Timmy looked past the book to see the sky had changed to a red sky. Standing up in awe he looked all around to see high above in this new sky were bright yellow and white stars accompanied by the massive presence of planets of different vibrant, colorful swirls. “Wow,” Timmy said slack-jawed.

“I had a feeling your small head will be amazed by the change of scenery. Now then let us hurry along your break has been long enough and those nightmares will be after us.” The book spoke as he opened up and began to gently flap along ahead of Timmy.

lordsofthedice_onirim_1_brown_tower_lost_at_start“The first turn I played the brown tower and drew a nightare – damn it – making me lose my blue key and my tower so the nightmare can’t limbo (reshuffle) into the deck”

Following after the book Timmy could not help but continue to stare up at the sky watching the twinkle and sparkle of the multitudes of stars and the gentle swirl of the planets as they spun ever so slowly high above. He stumbled to a stop at the sight of the book in front of his face glowing brightly.

“Stop walking you brainless idiot, the bridge has not opened so unless you want to fall, stand still!” The book yelled and floated away to stop at a gap in a wooden fence along a cliff that went in both directions in a circular path. Extending from the open fence was a gap of nothing towards a floating island of rock. The emptiness surrounded the island in all directions until ending abruptly to the cliffs. Upon the island was a gray tower going high up into the clouds with a large cylinder sticking out the top pointed to the starry sky above.

Timmy walked up behind the book to look down at the emptiness beneath the tower, his eyes widened at the spectacle far below. He could make out another tower on the bottom of the rock with stars and planets further below. “Is that a mirror?” Timmy asked aloud in disbelieve.

“No, it’s the bottom of the tower; all around us are the stars and distant planets of the red plane.”

“Are there stars beneath the other places like the brown tower?” Timmy said, still staring at the sky below.

“There are stars in all of the planes like any sky but it is the red plane that is the closes to the sky. Here the ground is thin and expansive, and the residents curious of those planets high above. It only made sense they would be excited to cut holes in their plane to see the sky below.”

“So when can we enter the tower? I want to look through those telescopes!” Timmy cried out excitedly at the sight of the large cylinder from the tower shifting slightly at a comet soaring through the sky.

“We shall enter soon but first I must give you the knowledge that Scieneis was unable to tell you.”

“Another lesson? What else do I need to know?” Timmy complained and sat down in front of the opened book, its pages blank at that moment.

“Yes, another lesson! A lesson on what we must do so you don’t get us killed!” The page turned to reveal eight doors starting from the blue door and ending in a brown door, “this is the order that we must open the doors.”

“I don’t understand when will we actually start looking for these doors?”

“We already started boy, and we are off to a horrible start!” The buckle clasp sitting open on the side glowed a bright red in annoyance and rage, “we gained and lost the brown tower immediately!”

“Okay, okay! Just stop getting angry,” Timmy said. “So what do we do now?”

“We have several options but the best option I can see is-,” The page to the book turned over to reveal a brown leather covered skeleton key, “- to use a parting gift I received from the brown tower.”

Timmy picked up the key and looked at it curiously, his fingers tracing over the loop of the key and the single rectangular tooth at the other end. “So what do we do with it?”

“You mean ‘what do you do with it’, as after all I am only a guide to you.”

lordsofthedice_onirim_1_draw“After discarding the nightmare I then drew two cards to get the brown key and green tower”

“Okay… so what do I do with it?” Timmy asked, as he caught the sight of something blue inside the loop of the key. Inspecting the hole closer his eyes widened at the sight of water. He stared mesmerized as the image before him expanded to reveal dozens of fish swimming through rocks, wood, corals, all matters of scattered objects discarded in the water. He looked away from the loop to see around him the tower in the distance and the grass around, with the book opened at his feet. “I don’t understand.”

“Keep looking, the loop is our future that we can shape with its power, you have to look at each image and decide the order we should go to each one, but there is a cost, you must give one to the nightmares to hide our path. Just look back into the loop and everything will make sense.”

“Okay…” Timmy looked back into the loop to see the watery scene dissipating to reveal a library similar to that of the brown tower. He could see the walls of books flying past him as the image turned abruptly around a corner to reveal more books that continued to speed along. With the same abruptness the high shelves vanished to reveal towering trees and shrubbery on all sides. Small animals from strange flowery like creatures to snails gliding between branches. The trees seem to appear and vanish in all a flash as he sped past a giant tower similar to the one he was standing in front of minutes ago with the book.

Until suddenly he found himself surrounded by darkness in all directions except for the circular marble platform he stood on. Starting in the center of the bright, white marble was a pillar with a skeleton key made of blue crystal on the top floating. Snaking away from the center pillar was another with a leathery felt sun and a second leathered sun floating on top of a third platform. Running along the edge of the platform was a branch shaped as a sun with leaves along its length and the last pillar with a tiny tower made of stone floating gently with a red crystal glowing beneath its form.

lordsofthedice_onirim_2_discard_brown_key_before              “For my second turn I discarded a brown key to manipulate the order of these five cards from the top of the deck”

“I have already viewed the contents of the key awhile ago and I highly suggest you place the red tower first, then the brown suns and finally the blue key. Throw the green sun to the darkness,” the book’s voice echoed into the dark room.

Listening to the words of the book, Timmy gently took the blue key which floated in his hands as he brought it over to the red tower and switched the two. Next he took the green sun and replaced it with the blue key, leaving the green sun on the final and last pillar. He let out a cry of shock as the darkness abruptly expanded on all sides, swallowing up the last pillar. In the same instant the darkness receded to reveal the fifth pillar empty, and the next moment Timmy stared down at the leathery key in his hands vanishing into ash.

lordsofthedice_onirim_2_discard_brown_key_after“The order of the cards I chose to place onto the deck after discarding the green sun”

“Good, now that the red tower is our future we should see the bridge open for us in just a moment.”

“I don’t understand…did I just kill that forest?” Timmy said a bit confused as he stared down at the book which now closed and began to float before him, the buckle glowing gently in its rhythmic tone.

“Not killed, but froze in the darkness.”

“But, why did you want me to do that…those animals are dead because of me aren’t they?”

The book floated closer to him, “For the keys power to work we have to sacrifice a part of one of the lands. It allows the darkness to escalate far away from us but it secures us save travelling for a time which is essential if we are to save and free everyone from the nightmares.”


“But nothing!” The book said snapping at him with a loud shout, “I will not argue the morals of our choices, it is the sacrifices we have to make and as long as we succeed the majority will not have to suffer!”

Timmy nervously sat down, averting his eyes away from the book as he held his chest from the beating of his heart, as the gravity of the situation was suddenly crashing down on him. Scieneis gone, the constant threats of strange creatures called nightmares and now all those strange animals he saw. The scene of that forest as brief as it was he could feel the happiness and the spirit of that forest, all those animals going about their business and in an instant it was all gone.

“Are you okay?”

Timmy looked over to the door of the tower to see a girl his age standing with a flowery blouse and skirt. Her brown hair was pulled back by a bobby pin and cut to her shoulders. A big, cute smile showed all of her white teeth, her appearance was that of a bright, young, innocent girl.


In a flash everything around him was pitch black he could just see a few blades of grass surrounding where he sat and nothing more. The icy touch of the shadows circling him licking out towards him and brushing across his skin causing him to jump in dread. Looking up he stared helplessly at Ariel who came out from the shadows smiling.

Her form dissipated along with all of the shadows to reveal the book floating before him, the buckle glowing brightly and flashing quickly. A ringing kept him from hearing until he cried out at the slap of the book hitting against the top of his head.

“What did you see!”

“I…I,” Timmy looked up at the book; he could feel a sting in the corners of his eyes. “I saw my sister.” He fell into the fetal position beneath the hovering book, trying desperately to fight back the tears as the sight of his sister echoed in his mind.

“I’m sorry to tell you boy, but this journey of ours is going to get tougher.”

Timmy slowly looked up at the book starting to leave across a bridge made of stone towards the hovering tower. “Why can’t I just wake up!”

“Because, there must be a Dreamwalker…it is unfortunate that your generation as the walker is at the weakest of moments, let us hope there will be help in this tower. Now suck up those tears, and gather your wits, the nightmares are going to take advantage of your memories often and it will be worse than a simple fragment of your sister.”

His heart pounded in his ears as he slumped forward, the pressure of the shadows all around him were gone now but they still banged against the walls of his heart and mind.

lordsofthedice_onirim_3_red_tower_drew_brown_sun“The red tower played and brown sun drawn as predicted starting my third turn”


– So, bit of a confession, part one and part two were written before I actually played this particular game. This game of Onirim was played at the beginning of August where I sat there for an hour taking pictures of all of my moves and making sure there were no mistakes. My original plan was part one and two were just a sort of tutorial and introduction to the world and then I’d go from there which they were and worked. Somehow though as if by fate…I drew the brown tower in my starting hand and then preceded to draw a nightmare as if Scieneis himself decided his death had to be replayed. Disappointing enough this was a horrible start to the game as evident by the angry book (which by the way he gets a name by the next part).

– Even with the horrible start to the game my important focus on any of these stories is as long as there is no cheating or mistakes to ruin the game, everything that happens is part of the story so losing a brown tower in the first turn…I had to suffer with it. To add to this all future parts that are coming are based on this game played at the start of August, the ending to the game already set in stone.

– As always critiques, suggestions, and questions are all welcomed either through the comments below, Twitter, Facebook, or my email at

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