The Brown Tower of Onirim

This is the second part of the story of Onirim that I am currently still writing. If you have not read the first part then follow this link! Part 1

Please enjoy, and as always any feedback or questions are awesome!


“The Brown Tower”

“So then Dreamwalker before we begin let us first go to the top of the tower so you can truly see the splendor of the land!” Scieneis said, beckoning Timmy to follow behind him.

The library still surrounded Timmy as he followed Scieneis. Stopping before a set of stairs Timmy stared past Scieneis to see the stairs go up and quickly vanish into a turn, the steps appearing crooked and cracked. Simple lanterns lit by fire ran along the wall of the stairway.

“Sorry for the damage Dreamwalker, just like the library with its many misbehaving, flying books, the stairs and many other parts of this tower have fallen into a bit of…disrepair. Many of those who helped keep it in order have been forced to leave to slow down the nightmare.” Scieneis placed a hand to the wall for support as he talked the weight of those he had known hitting him, “it is best to not dwell on dark memories, after all.” Scieneis turned around with a beckoning motion once more to Timmy, “the Dreamwalker is here, and he will bring order back to this world once more! A grand adventure for sure! Now come, come! We have a bit of a cli-” Scieneis froze up in fear at a sudden shock wave through the ground.

“Wha…what was that?” Timmy asked nervously, turning around with Scieneis stepping behind him as both of them were given a terrible sight.

After the shock wave had hit their feet, a silence took the ancient library. The fluttering books made the only sound, which was quickly joined by another sound, that of wood creaking and books falling off shelves. Tim and Scieneis watched in horror as several towering bookcases tipped into one another, all of their contents spilling to the ground to create hills of discarded books. The books with their slumber interrupted began to flap about as those on the top of the hills began to take flight to join the others that were flying through the air already.

Timmy’s eyes widened at the sight of the piles of books that had not yet flown were suddenly swallowed up by blackness.

“Come, Dreamwalker start climbing the stairs I must get you out of here!” Scieneis cried out.

lordsofthedice_angle_of_book“The deck of cards consisting the pages of ‘The Book of Steps Lost and Found'”

Timmy could feel himself being dragged backwards. He watched the black hill surrounded by flying boots suddenly erupt in all directions swallowing up more books. A screeching sound pierced his ears as he caught a glimpse of red in the black before turning around.

He began to climb the stairs, Scieneis behind him urging him onwards as his adrenaline launched him forward at a flying speed up the stairs. The stairs twisted before his eyes, as all sense of direction was lost to him the corridor turning to and fro, the steps going up and down with no apparent consistency. Several occasions he nearly tripped on a crack only saved by Scieneis from behind, the guide helping lead Timmy onwards telling him when to turn at different forks and intersections on the twisting stairway.

Timmy could see a bright light up ahead; a feeling of excitement overtook him as he kept his pace sprinting along the steps. Just as he was about to burst out the entrance he felt a pull on his collar as he landed heavily on the stone floor. Looking up in dismay and pain, he saw Scieneis breathing heavily. “Why did you do that?” Timmy complained as he began to sit up, rubbing his bruise.

“That, master…Dreamwalker,” Scieneis said, trying to gather his breath as he pointed forward to the end of the balcony a few feet ahead where the railing was cracked and missing along with a part of the platform itself.

“Oh…didn’t see that…” Timmy looked back to Scieneis, “Thank you for saving my live Scieneis.”

Taking a final deep breath Scieneis helped Timmy to his feet and headed towards the railing along the side to look out. “Not a problem Dreamwalker, I’d hate for harm to come towards you. Now then our goal!”

Standing up Timmy looked around at the balcony. It was a semicircle that came out the side of the tower, several yards in diameter. The large crack along with the missing railing took up most of the middle of the semi circle, but the sides of the balcony were still intact. Peeking over the hole, Timmy’s heart dropped in fear at the dizzying fall to the ground. He could see between the crack a dirt path that had a tint of blackness to it going up towards the door of the tower with green trees to the side with a similar blackness to them.

Standing up again Timmy looked straight up and stared up the length of the brown, stoned tower that kept going higher. He caught himself on the railing as he almost tumbled backwards from staring up for too long. Twisting around he looked out to see the same darkened dirt path with a similar path close by, both winding out away from the tower towards the surrounding land of forest and scattered brown misshapen buildings. Mountains could be seen far off in the distance as well as three beams of light, red, blue, and green.

“Those beams are the other three towers.”

“Oh,” Timmy said, his eyes looked back down towards the dark path, “what is with the road?”

“That is the remains of that nightmare that is down in the library, as well as a second that remains”

“Don’t we need to run then?” Timmy said with concern.

lordsofthedice_two_shadows_attack“The nightmares attack”

“I have already taken the liberty of removing the one from the library when we were running,” Scieneis pulled out the book with the orange buckle on it. “I needed time to get the spell up and placed it along our path, nonetheless we must prepare for departure immediately I do not know of the second’s whereabouts.”

“Will more of those things follow us?”

“I hope not Dreamwalker, but I assure you we will be fine, now then on to our departure from this tower!” Scieneis said, whistling to the wind. A moment later two books appeared out from beneath the crack and froze in place in front of the balcony. “Get aboard Dreamwalker!” Scieneis said with a light laugh as he jumped onto one of the books, its small form supporting his weight with ease.

“That doesn’t look very safe…” Timmy said nervously eying the empty book waiting for him.

“I assure you Dreamwalker, it is perfectly safe.”

“Okay…” Timmy said nervously stepping off the balcony onto the book and crouched low, holding onto the book’s sides.

“No, need to be so afraid Dreamwalker!” Scieneis casually snapped a finger and both of them began to descend.

Timmy looked at the tower that was slowly passing upwards before his view, the solid stone structure showing multitudes of cracks and vines growing along its side. Occasionally a window or a balcony in similar shape as the one up above would pass by.

An alarmed shout from Scieneis and the book below him suddenly descending caused Timmy to yell in fear as he looked up to see Scieneis stopped before one of the balconies.

“Everything is alright Dreamwalker, the second nightmare has shown itself I’m going to take care of it real quick!”

Timmy watched in dread at the sight of Scieneis vanishing from his view as the book beneath him continued to descend at a fast pace. As soon as he could see the ground around him, he jumped off the book with glee at solid ground beneath his feet once more. Looking back at the book, he watched it fly up and vanish into another window in the tower.

Staring up, waiting Timmy watched as a flash of light appeared above on the balcony. Waiting there on the dirt path, he watched the book with the orange buckle come flying down to him. Stretching his hands out, he caught it and looked at it in confusion.

lordsofthedice_nightmare_destroyed“The powerful punishment spell used to remove the nightmare”

The book suddenly opened up and began to hover before him. The book began to glow a slight hue of black as a deep voice spoke from it. “We must get going Dreamwalker.”

Jumping back in fear Timmy stared wide eyed at the book in disbelieve.

The book let out a chuckle and began to float past him, “Never seen a talking book, let us go.”

“Wait…where is Scieneis?” Timmy questioned.

“Another nightmare attacked; it was destroyed and Scieneis is no more, his final spell was to release me from the silent rune on most of us books. Now then let us go.” The book continued to float forward.

Timmy slowly looked up at the balcony, his eyes wide in shock as he slowly fell to his knees, the weight of the task ahead suddenly hitting him.

lordsofthedice_eight_pages_left“The adventure begins; eight pages to eight doors remain”

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