The Start of Onirim

lordsofthedice_Onirim_Cover“Front cover of the game”

He could not believe his eyes, the amount of books flying back and forth from shelf to shelf. The room was filled to the brim with bookcases going higher than he could see and books with their covers spread flapping to different destinations. His mouth was open wide in awe at how high the ceiling was, his legs mindlessly taking him along until he abruptly bumped into something.

Falling to the ground, he looked up to see a curious thing, a brown robed figure that turned towards him. The brown figure stood tall, almost completely covered in the finely threaded robe. Its hands were covered in white bandages, holding a book, which fluttered its cover-wings for a brief second. The brown figure slowly leaned forward to study him, its eyes a bright yellow, wide and curious. Releasing the book that quickly flew away, the robed figure reached out to the boy and took his hand, helping him to his feet.

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_Back_of_Card“Back of a card”

“Uhm…hi?” He said nervously.

“Hello, Dreamwalker.” The figure said with a quiet, smooth tone. “I am called Scieneis,” the figure said, bowing slightly.


“Yes that is who you are, the one who travels through these different planes of existence keeping order.”

“I think you’re mistaking me with someone else…my name is Timmy” He said taking a step back from Scieneis. “This must be a dream…so if you could return me? Maybe?” He said eyeing Scieneis curiously.

“I cannot return you, Dreamwalker. Only you can return yourself to your own plane.”

“Well…if that is the case, then…” Timmy said jumping up and catching a nearby book he gripped it in both hands and looked at its cover intently.”

“What do you plan to do with the sixth volume of ‘The Answer to All’?” Scieneis asked, tilting his head to one side slightly.

Closing his eyes, Timmy slammed the book into his forehead as hard as he could. The next moment he found Scieneis staring down at him. “That hurt…I thought this was a dream?” Timmy said groggily.

“Yes, a dream for humans, but for the Dreamwalker, it is real for him as if it is not a dream at all.”

Timmy sat up and rubbed his forehead in pain, “why didn’t you try stopping me?” He cried out looking towards Scieneis, who took a step back.

“I meant no such fate to fall on you Dreamwalker, but I must be honest I did not expect you to take such a drastic action.” He said a tinge of concern in his calm tone.

Sighing, Timmy slowly stood up and looked around at the massive library still surrounding him, “It’s not your fault Science.”

“Scieneis, master Dreamwalker.”

“Uhm…right,” his eyes, continued to take in the library, the high stone pillars keeping the unseen roof up, with books fluttering around. The empty table and chairs filling in spaces along the different rows of towering shelves filled with ancient books. “So I’m stuck here?”


“Brown sun card”

“I am afraid so,” Scieneis said, walking past Timmy towards a table, and sat on it, “Please join me Dreamwalker; let me explain what you must do.”

Approaching the thick stone table, he sat on the uncomfortable stone bench, looking nervously into the unblinking, wide yellow eyes of Scieneis.

“I am sad to inform you, Dreamwalker, but your task is difficult. Only you can fix it. You must collect all eight keys to open all eight Oneiric doors as well as connect all four Dream towers to empower each plain to push back the nightmares for another generation.”

“Eight doors? nightmares? What is this all for?”

Scieneis let out a low whistle and a moment later a book floated over, landing softly before them; opening it, he revealed a picture of a grotesque blob of darkness. “This is what an artist had drawn of a nightmare before he was swallowed up by it…they are a nasty thing, serving only a single purpose, to destroy everything. They come endlessly and for many generations each Dreamwalker has stopped the flood of their darkness. Once more they come and it is now your job.”


“Nightmare card”

“Me?! But, I’m just a kid!”

“Age doesn’t matter, only your will to push past all expectations and free yourself while saving everyone.” Scieneis slowly turned the page to reveal a picture of four different colored doors blue, red, brown, and green. “It is a heavy burden I know, but as the Dreamwalker you are destined to perform this task. Do not worry though, I will guide you along your journey, and get you back to your home.” Scieneis said, trying to reassure Timmy.

“You will?” Timmy spoke up.

“Yes, it is common for the Dreamwalker to have a guide, to help them reach the end so they can survive and return to their world.” Scieneis tapped his finger on the page with the four doors, “Now then, back to the lesson, Dreamwalker. These four Oneiric doors are what you need keys for; each one has a duplicate as well.”

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_Four_Doors“The four different doors”

“I hope it isn’t hard to find these doors…”

“It is quite easy, Dreamwalker, with our strengths combined we are a formidable force, I have helped many a Dreamwalker in the past.” Scieneis said with a glint of excitement, and turned the page to reveal a moon, a sun, and a key. “Now then you must understand how to read the labyrinth.”

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_Main_Cards“The Key, Moon, and Sun symbols shown at the top of the card”

“Aren’t you my guide?” Timmy said a bit confused, his eyes staring intently at the colorful pictures before him.

“Yes, but precautions must be taken, I must admit that a couple of generations back I was separated from the Dreamwalker for a time –luckily we regrouped, but nonetheless with this knowledge he made great progress!” Tapping the moon, Scieneis slowly ran his fingers along each picture, “To travel through the halls you should always follow moon to sun or vise versa, if you ever take a wrong turn, you may get lost in the confusing halls so it’s best to always backtrack and stay with this pattern. If you are lucky enough to stay with this pattern in the same color for long enough you will find one of the doors and unlock it!” Scieneis slowly moved his finger towards the key, “Or if you find a door and happen to have its key, you will be all the luckier.”

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_Unlock_Door_1“The pattern in the same color unlocks the red door”

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_Unlock_Door_2“The green key unlocks a green door”

“Seems easy enough…” Timmy said watching Scieneis turn the page back to the disgusting nightmare.

“It is easy as long as we don’t encounter the nightmare, they destroy the halls you’re standing in, forcing you to go back, or destroying the halls up ahead. Even worse, they could cause one of your doors you had unlocked to re-lock or to devour a key you are holding.” Scieneis turned the page to reveal another picture of an hourglass, “Worse yet once we begin, there is no turning back and there are only so many hallways, sooner or later if we don’t hurry we will lose everything, so we mustn’t waste time.”

“This is sounding a lot harder…” Timmy said with a groan, leaning back with a pout and nearly falling off the bench.

“It is hard and worse yet the nightmares of the past have left artifacts called ‘Dark Premonitions’ that will spring when we unlock certain doors possibly re-locking as soon as we turn the key.” Scieneis said turning the page to reveal a clock covered in darkness.

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_Dark_Premonitions_2“Back of a Dark Premonition card”

Timmy groaned louder as he partially hid his head in his folded arms on the table.

Scieneis chuckled, “It isn’t all bad my dear Dreamwalker, after all we will be helped!” The headmasters of the Dream Towers shall help us achieve our goal and give us save areas to rest, and when we connect the lines between one of each color, we will only gain a better ground over the nightmares.” Scieneis said, turning the page to reveal four towers: one covered in water, one surrounded by green bushes, one with red stars high above, and one with books fluttering towards it.

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_Towers“The four dream towers”

Timmy peeked up from beneath his arms.

“Best of all, if we are lucky we will meet the rare clouds of ‘Happy Dreams’ of pure bliss that shall cause the nightmares to cower in dreaded fear!” Scieneis laughed while turning the page to reveal a white cloud with two small eyes.

“That sounds a lot better Scieneis!” Timmy said smiling as he sat up again.

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_Happy_Dreams“Happy dreams card”

“I figured you would realize, and with my help, it will be a wonderful little adventure.” Closing the book Scieneis swiped his hand along its surface, admiring its simple smooth texture, with a red spine and a gray cover with a black and white circle in the center; the shape of a shadow in the circle. Closing the orange buckle to the book, he stood up with it under his arm, “Now then, Dreamwalker. With the ‘Book of Steps Lost and Found’ to guide us to each door that must be opened first we will succeed. Especially with its formidable powerful spells, ‘Paradoxical Prophecy’, ‘Parallel Planning’, and my favorite, the ultimate counter to the nightmares, the ‘Powerful Punishment’!”

Timmy stood up, following Scieneis; he could feel the pit of his stomach filling with butterflies, at the anticipation for this unexpected journey washed over him.

Lordsofthedice_Onirim_Spellbook_1“The back of the ‘Book of Steps Lost and Found’ card”


I hoped you enjoy reading my story based on the wonderful game, Onirim. If you are seeking more information about the game follow these links!

Onirim’s product page on the companies website:

Detailed description about Onirim:

Keep checking back for future stories in the world of Onirim!

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